Not Being Skinny Enough

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    Miss Invisibleeposted 3 years ago

    Okay. So to all those girls out there are called fat or "thick" (having big legs) and are sick of it. I feel ya. Today, I just found out that my best friends (who are guys and also in the grade ahead me) were calling me "thick" with their friends. I always knew I had thick thighs and I wanted to get rid of it but in ever knew how. It made me so mad!! I looked up all these different websites on how to slim your thighs but they all told me different things. Like one would say squats help and another would say they didn't. I felt so depressed. I didn't want to be that girl with huge thighs!! Thunder thighs!! Ugh! I got so frustrated!! I wanted to run away cuz I felt like nothing was working and I would be stuck with huge thighs forever. Who can relate??