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Is 5 6 feet and 117 pounds too skinny?

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    Ahmed Thabetposted 20 months ago

    Is 5 6 feet and 117 pounds too skinny?

  2. nochance profile image91
    nochanceposted 20 months ago

    The body mass index is a garbage way of measuring health in an individual.

    It all depends on if you are getting enough calories to sustain your lifestyle and being alive.

    Do you eat enough and in a healthy way? Enough protein, a balanced amount of carbs and sugars.

    If you exercise do you consume enough calories to sustain what you are burning?

  3. dashingscorpio profile image87
    dashingscorpioposted 20 months ago


    Too skinny for whom?
    If one is happy in their own skin that's all that matters.
    Gaining weight for most people is a lot easier than losing weight.

  4. iggy7117 profile image80
    iggy7117posted 20 months ago

    It depends on your body shape and if you are male or female. I feel that 117 at 5"6'  is good for a female with the right shape. It would be too light for a male. This is my opinion though, what makes you happy is right for you.