Can exercise be an alternative medicine for ADHD?

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    Jay lmzposted 3 years ago

    I need you opinion.

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      artist101posted 3 years ago

      Dr. Maryann Block is the authority on ADHD. Among the most useful for this condition, or any condition that affects the brain are the omega fatty acids. Those fats in the diet that are not synthetic. Among the best is coconut oil. Proven in the treatment of Alzheimer's. Among the others are nuts, seeds, avocado, as well as the fish oils. B6, and magnesium have also been helpful in the treatment of these diseases, including autism. I have written a hub with information pertaining to these diseases, as well as information about Dr. Block. … -naturally
      Among the other things that affect the brain are allergies to our environment, as well as foods, and additives. Pay attention to behavior changes with certain foods, and dyes. Among the most allergic include red, yellow, and blue dyes, as well as msg, and aspertame. Runny nose, and hives aren't the only "allergies" that these can cause. Neuro logical side affects have been noted. Keeping a food diary can be very helpful, in narrowing down these allergies. Keep in mind they can be a delayed reaction.