power of thougth.

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    sonkuposted 2 years ago

    everything starts with the thought. Our thoughts are the seeds which result in our feeling and experiencing the outer world. So, if our thoughts are filled with negativity and fear, then automatically everything or being we come in contact with, will also result in same negativity. To come out of this, you need to work on yourself. Spend some time with the self and introspect that which one thought is the root cause of all other. Try to recognize that thought (problem). Once we are able to find the problem, the solution emerges automatically.
    try to consciously work on your thoughts. A silent mind is one which is positive. Negative thoughts are too many in number and therefore create a confusion, and then even if the solution is clearly in front of you, you will not be able to see it. When we develop the habit of creating positive thoughts, then only the right kind of thoughts emerge and taking decisions is very easy. When the mind is silent, we do not have to think very logically, the right solution emerges from the intuition and it is a solution which we would have never thought of logically.