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i want a healthy body but i cant have enough time for jim and other health acti

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    prabhaaat hiraposted 8 years ago

    i want a healthy body but i cant have enough time for jim and
    other health activity i eat foods wh

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    bphealthblogposted 8 years ago

    Start taking a multivitamin (use as directed) Heathy body starts from the inside out.

    Please note: Consult with your doctor first before trying any type of weight loss program.


    · STOP eating fast food extremely avoid why? Okay it’s no surprise fast food contains many different sugars, oils, and some ingredients that are not even evaluated by the FDA. Many fast metabolism individuals eat on the regular basis these fast foods and don’t see a change in weight gain but they will see a change in their health over a period of time all their vitamins will be replaced with Sugar, Trans Fat oils, and eventually cause massive unhealthy weight gain (that will result in serious health problems). Another good note: mostly all fast food restaurants leave the oil they fry their foods in for a month or more without changing it.

    How to start eating healthy, it’s not complicated when you are out purchasing groceries read the back of the labels they should contain this on them

    100% NATURAL NO PRESERVATIVES NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS Usually all unhealthy ingredients in USA products have ingredients in it that you can't pronounce and more than 10 letters in the ingredient.

    Exercise visit www.beautifulpeopleco.com for which workout machines work the best and results improvement in 1 week. But if you can’t afford workout machines you will get the same results as if you walked around the neighborhood for 15mintues you’ll see the same results as if you started working out on machines for 12 minutes. Do exercise when you aren’t doing something like chatting on MySpace or FaceBook for about an hour on those sites get up walk around the house and back to the computer area every 7 minutes (use a timer set on your cell phone).

    Weight loss- Many have different techniques here are mine works great. First eat little bit of everything to fill you up and after drink Natural green tea designed for weight loss (may be found at CVS stores). Do these once every time you eat once you see weight loss results then stop & start to tone up body by drinking cranberry juice of 130% vitamin C this will fill you up and keep you active for your entire work out duration.

    hope it helps visit www.beautifulpeopleco.com in August, 2009
    for more.

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    dabeanerposted 8 years ago

    Who is jim?  How can he help you attain a healthy body?

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    Rajiv46posted 8 years ago

    hey man drink water as much as you can , do some 15 mins yoga 'pranayam' eat fruits, daily 2 eggs they make up your body.

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    docashpposted 9 months ago

    You will  have to follow a healthy diet and some form of exercise  regime to stay healthy.Try to set reasonable goals and work hard to achieve them.There are unfortunately no short cuts.
    Also do not equate health with bulky muscles or quality physique like that of body builder.
    Be reasonable.Stay healthy.