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What Causes Excess Amniotic Fluid In Pregnancy?

  1. ngureco profile image82
    ngurecoposted 8 years ago

    What Causes Excess Amniotic Fluid In Pregnancy?

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    momo6kids1968posted 8 years ago

    i had polyhydramnios with my 5 th pregnancy,with no apparent cause,which is in most cases. other reasons could be gestational diabetes,spinal bifada(rare),swallowing disorder in the baby,among other causes that i'm sure your dr or sonographer could discuss.my maddie is almost 4 now and the only thing i noticed in her is a speech delay called apraxia,i'm  not sure if the poly is the cause ,not enough research has been done in following babies who's moms had poly w/o any cause.on the other hand,i had gestational diabetes w/o poly ,in any case if you do have poly,insist if your ob is not sending you to a fetal assesmant center for close followup on you and baby,as poly can cause premature birth if excessive as mine was ,the cord can also fall thru ,not to scare you, but you need to educate yourself on this condition, also when  my water broke( in the hospital) i did'nt think it would ever stop,it's like the great flood!your dr may induce if you do have diabetes since babies weigh more,i delivered at 38 wks and my son weighed 7 lbs,in 2 more weeks he could have weighed 9 or 10!i was put on glyburide and it kept my weight down and sugar.

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    soni2006posted 7 years ago

    Excess and lack of everything is
    bad and same is the case with amniotic fluid levels during pregnancy and
    childbirth. Amniotic fluid is the fluid that surrounds and protects the fetus
    throughout pregnancy and helps in development of lungs, digestive... read more

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    Nadeeshan301posted 6 years ago

    Amniotic fluid is the fluid which covers the fetus during gestation it is formed by placenta as well as fetal excreta like urine. when there is increased amount of amniotic fluid it is called  polyhydroamnios. It can be due to many reasons as it can be a result of maternal problem or else a fetal problem. Maternal medical conditions like diabetes mallitus or gestational diabetes can cause increase amniotic fluid or else due to large placental size as the placenta  which can cause increase production. Amniotic fluid is continuously been swallowed by the fetus and excreted as urine if there is any problem regarding swallowing like blind ending esophagus or any block in the esophagus like in esophageal atresia (meaning esophagus is not formed ) can cause polyhydroamnios.

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    g4408380posted 3 months ago

    Hi dear. I don't have an excessive amount of fluid this time but I did my last pregnancy and he came out perfect! Huge(10lb6oz) but perfect! smile. Thanks to the expert team of doctors from BioTexCom clinic in Ukraine. They are the best.