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    NGRIA Bassettposted 8 years ago


    Sometimes it is so frustrating.It causes someone else insomnia then they get to hear the snorer snore even more.

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    Jelli Headposted 8 years ago

    There was a programme not that long ago highlighting the reasons for snoring and I think therein lies the solutions to stop. I will just list some of the reasons that you or your partner might identify with.

    Sleeping on your back
    Mouth breathers
    Nasal obstructions
    Drinking Alcohol
    Sleep Apnoea

    Most importantly is to find out if you have sleep apnoea, this is when you stop breathing when you are sleeping.  This is a serious medical condition and could result in heart attacks or at the very least being involved in an accident.  You should seek medical advise after discussing with your sleep partner whether or not you stop breathing during the night.  Three in ten people suffer from sleep apnoea in the United Kingdom.

    Obesity is a well know cause of snoring as people are unable to breath properly due to the formation of fatty tissues in the neck area that restricts the airways.

    The same applies to ageing and drinking alcohol.  When you age your muscles get slacker so you cannot sleep with your mouth closed.  When you drink you relax so again you cannot keep your mouth closed.

    Sleeping on your back is known to cause more snoring, allergies and nasal blockages restrict your breathing through your nose so causes you to breath through your mouth and finally if you are a mouth breather you will more than likely be a snorer too.

    Lastly men are more prone to snoring than women.

    There are some suggestions that you might find work.

    Do not sleep on your back.  Do not drink alcolhol. Loose weight and take more exercise to strengthen muscles and muscle tone.  Go to the doctor for nasal sprays to relieve any allergies, or nasal obstructions.  Seek medical advise if you suffer from sleep apnoea. Keep your bedroom airy and dust mite free.

    Good luck and I hope some of this helps.

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    creation75posted 8 years ago

    Sleeping on your side as compared to sleeping on the back plays a role in stopping snoring. Sleeping on the back makes the tongue lie on the throat thus the snoring noises. The first thing to do to stop snoring is to avoid sleeping on your back. Anytime you sleep on your back your head normally tilt backwards and your mouth opens wide thereby encouraging you to snore. Humans are not meant to inhale and exhale with their mouths, but this has to occur if the mouth is forced opened.

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    edguiderposted 8 years ago

    I use to have some nasal strips that did wonders for snoring, but do not recall what they are called, but I will look it up and post it. But "creation75" is right:

    "Sleeping on the back makes the tongue lie on the throat thus the snoring noises"

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    DatingDragonsposted 8 years ago

    there are a number of things that can help snoring.

    non surgical- weight loss, sleeping on your side, special mouth guards, cpap, avoiding sedatives such as alcohol and sleeping tablets

    surgical- uvuloplasty or adeno tonsillectomy if there is extra tissue in the pharynx (back of the throat)

    snorers may also be sufferers of obstructive sleep apnea.  heavy snorers who wake up tired should get a sleep study as sleep apnea has the potential to cause significant problems such as right heart failure.

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    andr4043posted 6 years ago

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      AB4posted 5 years agoin reply to this

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    missygallaherposted 4 years ago

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