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True, people think if they don't do the arrangements they won't die or are afrai

  1. DancingRedFeather profile image59
    DancingRedFeatherposted 8 years ago

    True, people think if they don't do the arrangements they won't die or are afraid that they will die

    It is important to prepare ourselves and best we do it as we don't know what people will decide, doesn't matter once you r dead..but easier for those living if we have it all done..don't you think so?

  2. Judithoc profile image58
    Judithocposted 8 years ago

    I have dear friends (rather than family) who will be taking care of my affairs for me.  I have made it as easy as possible for them.  I have even written my obituary.  All they will need to do is fill in what killed me and when and where my memorial service will be.

    My father had his affairs in good order when we lost him, and it was a thoughtful comfort to those of us left with arrangements to make.

    Yes, I believe it is very loving to think ahead and take care of your own wishes so your loved ones can grieve without additional pressures on them.

  3. Dark knight rides profile image72
    Dark knight ridesposted 8 years ago

    You're absolutely right. Preparing  for the inevitable makes things so much easier for those who are left behind. They are already going to be dealing with the grief and loss, anything you can do to make it easier to deal with the practical side of things is for the best.
    That being said, I know I haven't put anything in place. It's difficult to figure out where to start, especially if you have little stability in your life. With all the changing I'm doing right now, I wouldn't even know where to begin in trying to have it all tied together.

  4. GoGranny profile image78
    GoGrannyposted 6 years ago

    I agree that pre-planning one's final arrangements should be essential. I also agree that some people put it off or disregard it because they can"t face the fact that they will die someday, But because death could come sooner than a hoped for later -  making plans now is a good idea.
    My daughter gave me a good laugh yesterday when she told me she had a telemarketing call from a cemetery selling plots. She simply told the caller that she wasn't interested because she wasn't ever going to die! The caller was speechless and hung up on her!