if you are not over weight and you are active, How long will it take to get abs?

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  1. profile image45
    123aksposted 8 years ago

    if you are not over weight and you are active, How long will it take to get abs?

    im 130 lbs, and about 5'5", im not over weight at all,...
    i dont have alot of fat coverng my somtach, but im just looking to tone my body, imnot sure what to do to get what i want or how long it will take, though i will be deterimined while trtying to reach my goal,, i just need hlp gettin started and my questions answered,, thankyou for ur time
    plz help smile

  2. Mocha Momma profile image54
    Mocha Mommaposted 8 years ago

    That depends on a number of things.  Genetics for one.  Everyone isn't made the same, so your results will not be the same, some show or have more definition than others more quickly and without as much effort.

    I'd recommend using a series of muscle confusion techniques, incorporate cardio, and use weight training.  A targeted approach does not work, and in order to boost your metabolism, you'll need to do abs/obliques every other day.  Do not work them daily, you can do cardio daily, but do not work your abs daily.  When doing the weight training do not work the same parts in consecutive days, as you will not allow your muscles time to heal, and you will also plateau.

    Hope this helps

    PS - change your eating habits, do not starve yourself, but watch out for refined sugars and don't drink your calories.

  3. Jamie101 profile image52
    Jamie101posted 8 years ago

    Well it depend on what excercises your doing. If your doing sit-ups and crutchs, probably about 3-4 weeks. If your doing pull-ups than probably about 1 or 2 weeks because this is an extreme workout and really works the lower abdomen. Also if your eating alot of protein then it will contribute to your final success. Swimming is another GREAT way to get abs, just swimming for about 30 min a day will really get you results, and fast. Well good luck reaching your goal!

  4. joecseko profile image72
    joecsekoposted 6 years ago

    Muscle confusion? Well, there's one answer from someone without a clue. Not just that, but abs and calves ARE the two muscle groups that can be worked daily!

    Developing a "set of abs" is dependent on ONE thing- that's diet.
    Firstly, exercising a specific part of the body has absolutely NO impact on fat metabolism there. This is referred to as "spot reduction", and there's absolutely no such thing.

    As a general rule of thumb, the "six pack" will show best starting at about ten percent body fat. Since body fat (and subcutaneous fluid retention to some extent) is the ONLY thing hiding those abs (unless you're really hairy- LOL), then trimming fat is the best answer.

    The best ways to trim fat are a diet consisting of mostly whole foods. Avoid processed foods, and eat your vegetables raw, when you can. Whole foods and raw foods stimulate peristalsis. This is the mechanical grinding and mixing with gastric juices.

    So, to be sure, and from a licensed Certified Master Personal trainer, diet is THE key. Toning the muscles through exercise can help, but it will not get you abs!


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