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Well, you see that my name is Joe Cseko (pronounced checko). Born September-69. I'll tell you right now, I don't litter my hubs with photos and images to improve my Hubscores. It's just not that important to me- I just enjoy writing.

I am not a doctor, so every bit of information contained in all of my articles should be considered advice. That's not to say there isn't a plethora of helpful knowledge. So please, use common sense- if you're sick or believe that you may be sick, consult a physician. Also, obtain a medical exam before trying any of my exercise regimes.

I'm an accomplished guitarist of thirty plus years (started 1983), and a guitar teacher. Electric guitar is my primary discipline.

I've also studied martial arts (7 years), inactive for many years there, as well as lifted weights for thirty plus years. I'm a former USA Powerlifting competitor- currently competing for the American Powerlifting Association as a 181#, raw (no supportive gear) masters class, and powerlifting remains my passion over bodybuilding.

I'm self educated in the arenas of exercise physiology, nutrition science, and biochem. I'm a Certified Personal Trainer. I also (did) hold the American Powerlifting Association Florida, American and World records for the 181, 40-44, raw division deadlift.

Though a seemingly well educated man, my favorite word is POOPY! Life is serious enough. I don't feel the need to take myself seriously all of the time.

I've lived in many different states, and I'm currently living in New York.

Those of you who might be wondering "where are some of his hubs going?", I've unpublished a number of early writings so that I may improve upon them.

If you're spamming this site, do not become my fan. I report EVERYONE who's spamming Hubpages! I've gotten quite a few of you removed already, and all were found by becoming my fan. Brilliant :)

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