Do you take food supplement in addition to your daily diet?

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  1. Richard Nieh profile image73
    Richard Niehposted 3 years ago

    Do you take food supplement in addition to your daily diet?

    When I was in my 20s and studying for my degrees,  I never particularly care about my deals. Most of time I just go out with friends or eat fast food when I am alone. I do plenty of exercise but I am still overweight. I feel it is my metabolism problem due to wrong dietary intake. However, even I know it is wrong to take meals with imbalanced nutrition,  as a single professional employee, it is just hard to ensure the balanced nutrition intake. So I rely on food supplement. Tell me your opinions for your daily nutrition intake? Do you feel comfortable taking food supplement like Vitamins?

  2. GmaGoldie profile image75
    GmaGoldieposted 3 years ago

    Great question - thank you for asking. If I might offer my personal story in an effort to assist you and others.

    As a certified personal trainer, I literally skipped the nutrition section because I did not believe in supplements (I excelled at the other sections and passed first time irrespective of the lack of my knowledge on nutrition and vitamins!). Then as I got older and the doctor tested me and found vitamin deficiencies - first B12 (a genetic trait), then vitamin D, I did a 360-degree turn.

    I have tried several supplements and not all supplements work for me. However, remember, I have a body that will not retain B12 so I am not the best case scenario.

    I have started taking Omega to combat RA. My mother was crippled with RA, my grandmother swore by cod liver oil. I have tried several Omegas and have had outstanding results with Procaps Omega 3 Fish Oil. As a side benefit beyond my joints, my hair has changed to a point where my hairdresser has even noticed!

    In my exuberance for fitness and strength, I have overdone protein so I caution you and our fellow Hubbers to learn from my mistakes, take special note of your body's needs, but most importantly, consult your physician.

    Metabolism is complex because it is customized - your body type, your genetics, your exercise, and of course, your nutrition are all important components. Building muscle demands proper nutrition including protein. Often metabolism can change more rapidly if you train the larger muscles - the heart and the legs - therefore, the cardio.

    My number one recommendation is to talk with your physician. Your physician can run blood tests and customize your care.

  3. ketage profile image83
    ketageposted 3 years ago

    I used to take supplements when I was working out in the gym, protein and vitamins, but since I gave up seriously working out, I have stopped taking supplements. I just eat healthy and that pretty much does it for me.

    That said, I hardly ever eat out, preferring to eat home cooked food. Eating a balanced meal that is prepared at home isn't that hard, eating a balanced fast food meal is nigh on impossible.

  4. CapCooL profile image92
    CapCooLposted 3 years ago

    I used to take supplements before but have quit. In my opinion they are okay but I'd rather eat food for my nutrition then take a pill.

  5. liesl5858 profile image86
    liesl5858posted 3 years ago

    I, personally do not take food supplements or vitamins because I believe that if you eat a good balanced diet then there is no need for food supplements. I did try taking cod liver oil but I really do not like the taste so I stopped it. As long as you eat a healthy good balanced diet then that is fine.

  6. SgtCecil profile image95
    SgtCecilposted 3 years ago

    does chia seed count? i live in japan and it's all white rice and white flour so i sprinkle about a teaspoon of chia seed on my lunch almost every day. chia seed has fiber, protein and other stuff. no pills or powders or stuff like that.

    i don't doubt supplements, i just can't afford them. i don't eat fast food either, it's too expensive. last year, i started to eat oatmeal in the morning. it's cheap and filling. the weight melted off. give that a try.

    1. Richard Nieh profile image73
      Richard Niehposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      I love oatmeal for breakfast. My recent hub has a video about how to add pollen in oatmeal porridge. You can have a look in my profile.


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