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i have trouble with dizzyness when walking the doc thinks it comes from a stiff

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    ann russellposted 8 years ago

    i have trouble with dizzyness when walking the doc thinks it comes from a stiff neck and jaw

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    imperial majestyposted 8 years ago

    Could be inner ear trouble.  It really doesn't sound like stiff neck and jaw to me!  Inner ear infection made my husband so dizzy he could hardly walk.  Unless there is more to base this diagnosis on, I would crawl to another dr and fast!

  3. TelahTru profile image59
    TelahTruposted 7 years ago

    I was also having issues with dizziness and being very lightheaded when walking and I went to the emergency room one day and they said I had vertigo. I'm not a doctor but they symptoms that described vertigo didn't really fit with mine. It wasn't so much that the room was spinning or I was dizzy but I was drained of energy all of a sudden and it felt like I would collapse.  A tight pressure feeling was in my neck and head and the doctors said it was just vertigo.  I did have issues with inner ear pain and my equilibrium was thrown off. Toothaches can also cause ear problems which could lead to dizziness.

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    Britonposted 7 years ago

    Its possible it could be meniers disease, this comes and goes at odd times and can affect you when walking, sitting or upon  suddenhead turning movement, when you are sitting at a traffic intersection and vehicles are passing across the front of you do you experience small moments of giddyness and have to stare straight ahead, or if you move your head quickly and it happens.
    Then it could be meniers disease, its a strange condition that may have signs of tinitus or hearing loss, or even sounds become tin like in quality, sometimes with headaches involved that run from your neck up over one side of the head, or even of migraine intensity.
    It may be due to fluid movement or pressure in the inner ear, or even the herpes simplex virus (which we all carry) becoming active through lowered body resistance due to illness or injury.
    Anyway, do have a read up on this and see if its in any way possibly your root cause.
    I often find that to just, stand or sit, and look at a close object for a short while, then the symptoms aleviate, also sit down if possible and gently tilt your head backwards and slowly from side to side, and I do mean gently.
    Good luck with it.

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    Larry Fieldsposted 2 years ago

    Dizziness can be caused by a deficiency of the B-vitamin, folic acid. However there can be other causes, as the other commenters have pointed out.

    You can purchase small folic acid pills in American supermarkets, at the Recommended Daily Allowance. I take folic acid without permission from the Great White Father (a physician). It is helpful for my balance, when I do Bulgarian Squats for fitness. By some measures, I am a senior citizen.

    Reasonable food sources of folic acid include peas, beans, and lentils (legumes), as well as oranges.