Fertility Health and the Reproductive system

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    armeniaposted 8 years ago

    Fertility Health and the Reproductive system

    What are the best nutrients to take when trying for a baby apart from folic acid, as i have a condition called Lupus i am already a mother but am now finding it harder to get pregnant

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    goodhealthforallposted 7 years ago

    There are plenty of foods from natural sources and also vitamins that are recommended to help a woman conceive.
    Oyster is known for its very high-zinc content and deficiency in zinc is a major obstacle towards conceiving and for that it should be a part of regular diet.
    Green leafy and fresh vegetables are rich in folic acid and other vitamins. Folic acid stimulates hormone production.
    Grapefruits, oranges, citrus, and nuts are rich sources of vitamin B as well as vitamin C, which are both vital in enhancing the production of hormones in the body. For more details you will find this site very useful. http://www.tandurust.com/natural-home-r … ceive.html