Do you think ~Sometimes Your Greatest Misery Can be Your Greatest Happiness

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  1. pattimari profile image52
    pattimariposted 8 years ago

    Do you think ~Sometimes Your Greatest Misery Can be Your Greatest Happiness


    Several months ago, my life buckled out from under me sending me off into the depths of pain like I had never experienced before.
    One early morning on August 1, 2009, my husband asked for a divorce and left. Out of my God awful misery came the greatest gift I had ever been given. But I didn’t know it until several weeks later.
    For three days, I couldn’t eat or sleep. I paced. I couldn’t cry, nor was I able to see anyone. I felt as if my world had tumbled down into pieces of pain. It was the oddest experience I had ever felt because my mind was fine, but my body went into shoc

  2. cathby profile image58
    cathbyposted 8 years ago

    There is good in everything you just have to search for it.  While you feel like your world is falling apart, you have to focus on the good, move forward.  One year from now you will look back and see that while this is truly a difficult time, you did make it through it and you will see the good.   

    An experience that I recently had - that I truly felt shaken that there was no good was -  my sisters daughter, my niece (only 16 years old)  committed was devasting, the impact on the entire family was just awful.  I could see absolutely no good in the situation, and it made me question my own beliefs - how could this have happened.  Now a year later, that time in my life is still painful, but I can now see that good that came out of that. 

    My point - we all face challenges in our life, some greater than others, but focus on moving forward, get your life back together, focus on the good - even if it is a small good - keep your thoughts positive.

  3. pattimari profile image52
    pattimariposted 8 years ago

    Thanks for your message regarding this post. It is a positive thing that happen. We realize it after it happens and we go through the path of pain. But this book is to allow people to see that things happen for a reason and once we get past the pain, a path is open and when we walk upon the new path, we see that the Universe is making things happen for us.
    Actually our thoughts can lead us down the painful path or down the happy path. I choose the happy path and right now my life is amazily happy.

  4. Shealy Healy profile image58
    Shealy Healyposted 8 years ago

    Yes, your greatest misery can be your greatest happiness. And your greatest happiness can be your greatest misery. It is a universal truth that every human asset when taken to extrems will become a human defect.

    A few examples-a mom who has the asset of giving time to her children can be a well-balanced and loving mom. But, if she allows her asset of kindness and love to go to the extrem she can be a mom who gives too much and then spoils her children.


    An individual who spends time and energy taking care of his/her physical body can be physically happy and healthy. However, if this individual allows his/her asset of caring for his/her physical body to go to the extrems s/he can become a body obsessed person who does not develop her whole self.


    A person who has the gift of gab can entertain and attract friendships and favorable public attention. But, if this person allows  his/her asset of gab (communication and small talk) to go to the extrem s/he can become too loud and over bearing and actually push others away.

    The lesson balanced. Don't let your greatest happiness grow to be more than what it should- it absolutely will be your greatest misery. The good news is - if you know your  greatest misery-you are fortunate-you can usually balance it in some way and allow it to become your greatest happiness.

    Shealy-greatest happiness = student of organic spirituality, greatest misery =spelling, editing and typos. when writing on hubs

  5. profile image0
    jasper420posted 8 years ago

    IIf you have a postive mind postive things can come out of the negitave it just depends on the pearson and how they see life

  6. Francoise1 profile image56
    Francoise1posted 8 years ago

    Without necessarily going into the 'positive thinking' frame of mind attitude, I do notice that sometimes what I interpreted as being terrible, turns out to be a blessing some time later! I notice it often these days. It makes me laugh in retrospect.


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