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What techniques have helped you handle the greatest crises in your life?

  1. brakel2 profile image81
    brakel2posted 4 years ago

    What techniques have helped you handle the greatest crises in your life?

  2. brittvan22 profile image80
    brittvan22posted 4 years ago

    Faith, honesty, and being authentic with where I was in my pain. I find the techniques that I have used as healthy coping mechanisms has been writing my emotions. Out of each great loss or crisis I find renewed strength that I was unconscious of and I find a little more about myself. Good luck!

  3. duffsmom profile image61
    duffsmomposted 4 years ago

    I would say what has helped me is knowing that however bad things feel and seem at one particular point - it will get better with time. When I was a girl and my dad died I paid attention to the grieving process which seems to rise and fall. Sometimes it would be so painful it seemed unbearable, but it would lessen and feel better, then again sometimes it got bad again.

    I have always remembered that and think about it whenever life seems to just hand you too much - I know that at some point, it will lessen and give me relief.

    And of course always--always prayer.

    1. WalterPoon profile image79
      WalterPoonposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Duffsmom, you are right. Time is a great healer.

  4. teamrn profile image67
    teamrnposted 4 years ago

    Mndfulness meditation and visual imagery are right at the top. I  do relaxation exercises and find them extremely helpful. And I ask mysql, "is this just the crisis du jour" OR IS THIS THE REAL DEAL?

    Often the answer is not so apparent and in the grip of emotion, it may ALWAYS SEEM like the real sea. In which case, I have to sit back, observe and then reassess.


  5. Suriel3000 profile image60
    Suriel3000posted 4 years ago

    There are three techniques that have helped me overcome extreme challenges in my life: Meditation, Time, and Forgiveness.

  6. profile image49
    brent7750posted 4 years ago

    To be in the moment and understand everything that is happening at that time in my life is some form of a test or experience I must go through. I try my best to look at life as an experience and one that I am a part of. To know that if I am having a bad day or something really horrible has happened that I know that God Loves me, my family Loves me and that I am doing my best and also that I Love myself. To learn from each experience that passes me by and to do my best not to hold onto the tough times. To live with Love for myself and all others for we are all one and the same, and our experiences make us who we are, even if they suck sometimes. I like a saying I heard from a great teacher, It is the poop that makes the grass grow!!

  7. bydojo profile image82
    bydojoposted 4 years ago

    I understand that life is NOT just happy moments and that just moping around won't solve my problems. I'm the type of person who ACTS and not just talks. So my way of dealing with the crisis was to define said crisis, and try to solve the issue. When someone dies, you are suffering from your loss, but you also need to find occupations and not let your own life get destroyed. When you deal with money issues, you need to learn to save and try to make more money etc.

    Most types of crisis we deal with can be handled, even if it's not too easy to do this

  8. webscripts profile image59
    webscriptsposted 4 years ago

    Exercise, socializing, looking ahead and creating new goals. The sooner you get back up, the easier it becomes. Life isn't fair and people are who they are and on their own journey. Regardless or not if the situation was brought on by a person or relationship or other uncontrollable circumstance, they only aspect you can control is yourself. It is always empowering to remember that and let is fuel something new that you can be proud of or feel good about.

  9. WalterPoon profile image79
    WalterPoonposted 4 years ago

    When problems become so overwhelming and I get the jitters, I used a technique that I had learned. I put into writing what my problem is and brainstorm all possible solutions. It works every time because it is easier to solve 38 x 47 by writing it down on paper, rather than trying to solve it in my head. And many times, the answer is very simple. The consequences is never death. At most, you are jobless, if you choose to leave your job and for all you know, the next job could be even better, when you take the dive, rather than languishing in your old job.

  10. skys profile image60
    skysposted 4 years ago

    Patience and Believe helped me when I was in extreme crises. I had lost everything and I was blaming others. Then I realized I can't change the past so I must be calm. Keeping clam gives you a clearer picture of the situation and you can decide better. The Patience gives you calmness and belief gives you strength to stand again. Do whatever, but do with great belief in yourself.