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Does anyone ever feel that they are so busy, but have no life?

  1. FrankiesGirl6Yr profile image80
    FrankiesGirl6Yrposted 7 years ago

    Does anyone ever feel that they are so busy, but have no life?

    All I have done, I feel like, for the past year is go to school, take care of kids, and clean house. My husband works nights so we never really get to do anything. I seem to notice this the most when my kids go to their dad's every other weekend and hubbies @ work. I have nothing to do!! I don't want go out, I've had my days of partying like a rock star, Idk, I think I'm just having a pitty party, but this pity party is happening more and more........What do people do with spare time?

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    foreignpressposted 7 years ago

    You have to force yourself to make time and do things with your spouse and kids. It's easy to vegetate. Pick up the remote control and push a button and the night is gone. So acquire the discipline and make it a daily routine. It could be working out at 6 a.m., or bicycling with your kids after school. In fact, what destroys a marriage most is not sharing with your spouse. Then, after the kids are grown and have moved out spouses realize they no longer share anything. We get wrapped up in our own worlds and forget that others are out there too. Another idea is scale down. If nobody has time for anybody else then your family has taken on too much. You will pay for that later.

  3. saddlerider1 profile image70
    saddlerider1posted 7 years ago

    I totally agree with foreign press. Your a family unit, make the time, find the time to spend quality time with the family, there are to many families today going off in different directions and never really getting together while they still can. The nest will one day be empty and both spouses will look at each other and say, where did the time go? We didn't spend enough time with our kids. Life is to short believe me, I am a divorced man and I regret the time not spent with my family, I paid the price after divorce. So my advice to you is unless your spare time is really spare time after you both have fulfilled the quality time with your kids,then and only then should you have spare time and that's the time you and your hubby spend it together with each other.

  4. FrankiesGirl6Yr profile image80
    FrankiesGirl6Yrposted 7 years ago

    I understand what you are both saying, but the spare time I am speaking of, is when I am alone. The kids are at their fathers (2 weekends a month) and my husband works all night and sleeps during the day. So I am alone sad You think I would be happy, but I'm not. Most people that I know or are my age,   when they get a free night from their kids, they go to a bar or a club, and I'm over that. So I feel like I just sit here.....Hoping they let my husband off work early or the kids to cut their stay with their dad short and come home early.......I am smart enough to know I should not be moping around waiting for someone to walk in the door. I just need something to feel this void during this time...

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