Causes and Treatment of Diaper Rash

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  1. Anamika S profile image70
    Anamika Sposted 8 years ago

    Causes and Treatment of Diaper Rash

  2. Veronica Allen profile image68
    Veronica Allenposted 8 years ago

    This hub is written in answer to fellow hubber Anamika S. - "What are the causes and treatment of diaper rash?"
    * Diaper Rash Defined - Its Signs and Symptoms.
    According to the book, Caring for Your Baby and Young Child, a diaper rash is defined... read more

  3. MickS profile image69
    MickSposted 8 years ago

    don't delay changing a wet and/or soiled nappy.
    wash and dry the infant thoroughly
    in the old days we used to apply zinc and castor oil cream, is that still available and recomended?

  4. FeniqueS profile image76
    FeniqueSposted 8 years ago

    It can be the material that the diaper is made from.  I used cloth diapers while at home, then when I had to go out use disposable ones.  A diaper service delivered them to my door, container, to put them in did not have to wash them out.  It was Great!. 

    Also make you tell your doctor about it, could be a thrush rash, or allergic rash.  I had to learn as I went along, I learned more from my babies than I did in school.

  5. profile image49
    she devilposted 8 years ago

    cause could be not changing diaper often enough or allergic reaction to products or intollerance  of dairy products or thrush

  6. taganisted profile image62
    taganistedposted 8 years ago

    Cause is often leaving a dirty or wet nappy (diaper) on too long, or acidic poo due to diet change, or it can be a symptom during teething. I've found sudocrem is great, and you can't beat fresh air, so maybe leave the nappy off sometimes while indoors.

  7. pippap profile image86
    pippapposted 8 years ago

    Everyone has great answers.  I would like to add:

    - fresh air:  tiny bottoms benefit from being in the open air.  If you have just changed a diaper consider leaving the new diaper off for an hour or so.  It will benefit the little one's delicate skin.

    - wrinkles:  really deep "wrinkles" of flesh are in that area.  I always made sure that I got into the folds of flesh so there were absolutely no damp areas left. 

    - talc:  make sure the baby powder you use is made from corn starch not talc.  Corn starch is a natural product and I get the one with Vitamin E and Aloe added.  Talc is so fine that it can be inhaled easily by anyone in the immediate area.

    - honey:  raw honey is great salve.  Apply liberally to offending area and diaper up.  The honey will stop any infections; draw out excess fluid; soothe the itching, etc.; speed healing; and, is 100% natural.

  8. profile image47
    Jonicaposted 8 years ago

    I'd like to add that teething for my little ones was a major cause of diaper rash and when they ate a lot of blueberries or strawberries their poop would irritate their skin more.  Dry skin is very important - great idea to air it out and keep it dry.   Zinc is good, Aveeno is good, but if the rash doesn't go away, try a hydrocortizone cream 0.5% or nystatin.


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