Kidney transplant.

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    Ptengposted 7 years ago

    Kidney transplant.

    Hi, Lita.. I'm from Malaysia. I read that your bro made a deal with the hospital for a kidney transplant. I have a sis, 23 yrs old who is in need of kidney transplant as well.. There are many people offering to sell their kidney online, but once the deal is on, I dunno what is the next step cos it's illegal in Malaysia. I'm afraid of it being done by back alley doc in black market. So, I like to find out more. How much more expensive if we have this package with hospital to see if I can afford it? Which part of Philippines the hospital is? I appreciate if you can let me know please. Thank you

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    Lita C. Malicdemposted 7 years ago

    The National Kidney Institute (NKI), Philippines. It sums up to about 2M package deal. But I'm sorry to inform you, these are just word of mouth details. My brother never got as far as the transplant scheduled to have been last April 12, 2010. He succumbed to heart attack at the Philippine Heart Center last February 10, 2010. I wish and pray that your sister will find her own donor the soonest possible time. God bless you and your sister and family!