hi dragonlady , i believe i am suffering from bile reflux . What meds can help m

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    sadiko129ayposted 7 years ago

    hi dragonlady , i believe i am suffering from bile reflux . What meds can help me?

    I had my gall bladder taken out 2 months ago and am miserable with nausea and burning in my abdomen and feeling like im gonna vomit. i am so scared , i am hardly able to go out  and if i do the nausea ,white coated tongue and feeling hot and faint comes across me . I am going to a specialist and wanted some info on meds that can help and what helps you ????

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    Daniel J. Neumannposted 7 years ago

    I take pantroprazole. Omperaprazole is avaliable over-the-counter for super cheap at Costco.

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    dragonlady1967posted 7 years ago

    Hi.... I wish I had some good news to relay about Bile reflux disease, but usually there isn't any.  You will definately want to see your specialist about your symptoms.  They may order a endoscopy to see what's going on in your stomach.  There is no cure for Bile reflux disease.  Just management and sometimes management doesn't help either.  Bile reflux is not GERD or acid reflux, though it can cause those symptoms to flare up.  It is Bile backing up in your stomach, whether from a damaged pyloric valve or other factors.  I have had it for almost 3 years now.  You can try acid reducers such as Maalox, or prilosec OTC until you get to your specialist.  However, these meds only reduce the acid, they do not take care of bile.  There are so many different medications, and if you have Bile reflux, prepare to take a mountain of them to maintain some relief.  Keep in mind though, some days even the meds I take don't help.  I can't tell you the meds I take will help you, because my meds switch all the time.  This is due to the fact my condition flares up from other factors.  I have a damaged pyloric valve, but heavy allergies with drainage to the stomach, or a simple bladder infection, or constipation, can cause me to have huge bile episodes.  That is why it is important to see a specialist who will listen to you and your symptoms.  My biggest battle with this condition is not the pain and suffering I endure every day.  Though I'd love not to feel this way.  My worst enemy in this is depression and feeling alone.  This condition does this to you.  Therefore it is very important to surround yourself with people you love for support, or find a friend or support group.   It's very depressing knowing you feel extremely miserable, and there is no cure.  That some doctors will look at you in disbelief, and you know you are sick.  I truly hope you don't have this condition.  I wish you the best of luck.  I created this page so if someone ever needs to talk, they have a place to go.