I havent seen anything in any of the info on bile reflux that tells how you can'

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    vvrv1990posted 7 years ago

    I havent seen anything in any of the info on bile reflux that tells how you can't eat due to the...

    full overbloated feeling terrible pain and lack of appetite. These are the symptoms my 14 year old is suffering from this as well as malabsorption from this bile filling in her stomach what can be done to help these symptoms??

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    dragonlady1967posted 6 years ago

    wrv1990 I am sorry your 14 year old has to suffer with this horrible condition.  I suffer as well.  Your question is hard to answer because I don't know any of the information pertaining to your daughter and her symptoms (though we have the basic criteria symptoms for BRD, we all suffer different little monsters along with it, such as IBS, or Diabetes, RA, Fibromyalgia, Severe allergies, etc... these piggy backers really help flare ups keep going sometimes really badly).  You wrote this question for a different hub.  We constantly feel bloated, and weight loss does happen (though some might gain weight such as people with low blood sugar or diabetics, etc...).  It depends on the medications the docs have her on, and how severe the flare ups are.  The crucial thing is to be loving and encourage eating something (even when she feels bloated)....even if it's just plain soup broth, or crackers. She needs to keep her strength up.  However, with the back pain, the docs might prescribe a pain medication to relieve the symptoms which sometimes helps with the stomach pain as well.  To be diagnosed with this is horrible, but managing it and living with it is harder.  The main thing is to help her though depressed days.  Hug her alot, be there for her.  BRD is not a mental condition, it is not an eating disorder, it is a real disease of the bile attacking the body and other things helping it out at times.  It's just common knowledge that when a person has a flare up, we really don't want to eat (from the severe nausea or like in my case anything hits the stomach and it goes into spasms), but feel like we are starving.  Diet changes won't help with this condition, but avoiding certain things can help make most days livable.  I hope some of this helped.  I again, am truly sorry your daughter has to go through this, being a parent also, it would make me feel helpless.  I know when I have a flare up my fiance feels helpless.  Love, support, really does help a BRD sufferer.  It's a constant uphill battle.  Talk with her doctor and see which medicines will best help her, due to the symptoms she is experiencing.  Sometimes a medicine can make you feel bloated as well, such as carafate.  Work diligently to see what foods make her feel bad as well.  In ex:  If you eat a lot of garlic, it might be the garlic.  A few of us have discovered this little tasty herb is very bad to us.  It could be bad for her.  Also if she is allergic to Sulfa medications....cut the garlic out.  She might try drinking some chamomile tea to ease nausea, and it doesn't make you feel bloated.  BRD is like a big puzzle that constantly changes, so you also have to remember what works today, might not work tomorrow.  But make note of everything she ingests and how she reacts.  You'd be surprised how this will make a difference.