Im so sorry that you have myofascial, I had a friend that had this, how do you d

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    ladyjane1posted 7 years ago

    Im so sorry that you have myofascial, I had a friend that had this, how do you deal with your pain?

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    Theresa_Kennedyposted 7 years ago

    Thank you so much for your question, LadyJane. I have been contemplating writing on this very topic. I've read so much about it, and yet I know there is still much to be learned and shared about chronic pain in general. That you have a friend with myofascial pain syndrome, most likely gives you a better understanding of it than the majority.

    My pain is head to toe, 24/7, and is very similar to flu-like aches. At times, the intensity can be debilitating. There is no one thing that I do for pain relief, as there are many things that can help a little. I have not yet heard of anything that relieves the pain 100%- in fact, my rheumatologist recently told me that my goal should be 10-20% pain relief, which is better than zero.

    I will write a new hub on this shortly. But to actually answer your question briefly, here is what I do for pain:
    1. Liquid vitamin D
    2. Ibuprofen in high quantities
    3. Tramadol and Trazadone at night to keep the pain at bay long enough to sleep.
    4. Chiropractic care- adjustments and E-stim
    5. Exercise such as dance or at least a short walk or swim.
    6. Meditation and relaxation techniques.
    7. Hot baths and massage.

    There are some other ideas that I plan to try, ideas which I think have a lot of merit. But I will save my hub to explain those in detail.

    Happy writing!