Why cant you love?

  1. Vanmil profile image61
    Vanmilposted 7 years ago

    Why cant you love?

  2. Liberate profile image53
    Liberateposted 7 years ago

    Because; I Offer A Girl My Soul And Heart; I'll Continue Giving Everything I Possibly Can; To Be Able To Express My Feelings; I've Been Alone My Entire Life; Though My Mind Is Just Too Unique; Simply Don't Treat Love Lightly; Its A Reason my Heart Continues Beating.

    Love Means The World To Me; Though I'll Never Hurt A Girl; I'm Just A Very Small And Gentle Person; I'm Quite Young; And I'll Continue Trying To Find Love; Even If Girls Do Tend To Hurt Me...

    Though; They Simply Want A Meaner Person; I Simply Cannot Call A Girl An Inappropriate Name; So... They Claim I'm Too Nice To Date...