Is Partener's Breast Milk is as Useful For Men to Drink as For Kids. Women Pls r

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    alikhan87posted 7 years ago

    Is Partener's Breast Milk is as Useful For Men to Drink as For Kids. Women Pls reply.

    As i have have read quite a lot of Medical Advices as well as Experties, that it save men from Prostate Cancer as well help Reduce Breast Cancer Chances in Women, Coz Babies stop be fed after certain time. Therfore its useful for both especially Ladies to reduce chance of getting Breast Cancer. Although it may feel Odd. But Realistically consider, You will find the Point. As nothing is healthier than the natural milk, prodused by the human body for the better health of the Human. If you want any refernce, see the following Link … 1063489362

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    Tatjana-Mihaelaposted 7 years ago

    No, it is not as good for men as you try to imagine:  baby stops eating the milk when milk already becomes  full of water and has no needed  nutrietients that would benefit baby any more. 

    What is most important, mother`s milk is full of hormones ESTROGENS, that are highly dangerous for grown up man in prolonged use, and can actually cause hormonal imbalance that leads to the prostate problems.

    Mother`s milk is adjusted to the needs of young baby, who has completely differents needs then grown up person. Even quantity of milk woman has is for baby who has few pounds, not for grown up man, so I cannot see any chance how  any grown up man could benefit from few drops of milk, that are full or "wrong" hormones.

    In addition, woman is not cow to be able to feed her baby and partner at the same time. Well even cows, who have much more milk, do not have excess of milk after they give birth ! We have so much milk from cattle only because we slaughter young cattle and continue to use the milk of cows. goats etc..

    Woman has no benefits of prolonged breastfeeding, on the contrary, chances to get breast cancer raise up.

    If you are afraid of prostate cancer, you will have to rely on herbal remedies for prevention of it.


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    RKHenryposted 7 years ago

    I have to say that this sounds really gross.