Did you ever wonder about milk?

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  1. wingedcentaur profile image83
    wingedcentaurposted 2 years ago

    Did you ever wonder about milk?

    I hope this isn't too vulgar, but did you ever wonder how it was that humans beings ever came to think that consuming milk, considering its source, was a good idea? How did our ancestors get the idea that we should indeed consume the, frankly, "genital" secretions of these two animals?


  2. Annsalo profile image84
    Annsaloposted 2 years ago

    Yes I have wondered about it. Like why is it considered acceptable to drink cow breast milk, but for a human over 2 to drink human breast milk is considered gross?

    I guess it was really just putting to use what they had, but we've always had human breast milk and if a mother puts it to use for anything other than feeding a baby people get weirded out.

    I just don't get what makes one gross and the other so great. After all they are both breast milk and the one that is considered gross is the one actually made for humans.

    1. gramon1 profile image73
      gramon1posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      It is a known fact that most men do enjoy sucking on a woman's breast.  That may be a remnant from times when it was socially acceptable to drink women's milk. I got curious and googled "men drinkin their woman's milk." Check the results.

    2. Annsalo profile image84
      Annsaloposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      There are plenty of ways of consuming human breast milk without turning it into a fetish. As a mother who has breastfed 3 children I'm already aware of the market for fetishes, but I don't understand why we choose a cow and ok but human = fetish.

    3. gramon1 profile image73
      gramon1posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Annsalo, I assume it is all a social thing. Different societies will respond differently. Ours is very sexually oriented. That is probably why.

  3. gramon1 profile image73
    gramon1posted 2 years ago

    Milk is not a genital secretion. Genital means it comes from the genital areas, Genital Milk could be semen. We do not drink semen from bulls. Milk is a highly nutritious product that mammals produce. Humans are not the only animals to drink milk across species. I have had dogs that breast fed cats.
    Secretions are excreted by glands. Mammalian glands don't really excrete, but manufacture milk. Its only purpose is to feed.
    Unlike too many groups want you to think, milk is one of the best sources of nutrition. It not only has calcium.
    Milk proteins contain all 9 essential amino acids required by humans. Milk proteins are synthesized in the mammary gland, but 60% of the amino acids used to build the proteins are obtained from the cow's diet.
    Unlike most people think, soy and almond milk are in no way substitutes for cow's milk.

    1. ptosis profile image72
      ptosisposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      African tribe from 1920's ate cow's menses with very bad results. Following link is highly disturbing, do not look if you toss cookies easily: http://thewillowsofweirdness.blogspot.c … tribe.html

    2. gramon1 profile image73
      gramon1posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      It does not compare. We do not ingest women's menses either. Milk is a product developed by nature to feed us. Blood is not. We don't go around drinking sweat either. Milk is food.


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