My bf constantly lie's to me, and when I find out the truth I can't stop shaking

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    pamm47posted 7 years ago

    My bf constantly lie's to me, and when I find out the truth I can't stop shaking. Why?

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    Green Lotusposted 7 years ago

    Hello pamm.  Thanks for reading my hub on Telling Lies and for making this inquiry. Although I am not a licensed psychologist, I have been in your position and I can tell you what works for me!

    Shaking is most likely a physical reaction to your stressful situation. It may be a result of your feeling hurt, sad, or just out of control. Our bodies tell us many things, the most obvious is physical pain that tells us that something is not working correctly. But there are also less obvious signs such as a gut feeling that says something we are doing or experiencing is going against our physical or mental well-being. Your experience of shaking after your boyfriend lies may be related to those bodily signals.

    Perhaps you are shaking because you intuitively know you must do something about being lied to and you don't want to confront the situation. It's quite understandable since it means you have to go through a bit more fire before you get a safe and happy place.

    Life is filled with such episodes. They are the "breakdowns" I talked about in my most recent Hub on dealing with Negative Feelings. I think it may give you some direction. Also check out my Hub, "How to be nice when you're mad as hell".

    Be strong, brave and honor yourself pamm and you'll get through this. Just remember, you can avoid a nasty argument if you explain to your boyfriend how you feel when he lies to you. You are not making him wrong, or a bad person, you are just telling him what his actions are doing to you and subsequently to your view of his character. No one can deny you your feelings or tell you that you are wrong or mistaken!  Hopefully this will open up a constructive conversation.

    Best of luck!

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    Wesman Todd Shawposted 7 years ago

    because you know that you are being completely foolish for putting up with a liar.