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My son is 21 and has a temper, anything can set him off. So far he breaks thing

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    tweety52posted 7 years ago

    My son is 21 and has a temper, anything can set him off.  So far he breaks things, puts holes in...

    walls, dents in the cars, breaks the console, cracks dashboard, has given himself a couple of concussions.  The other night took a knife and cut  his are 3 times.  Also, I think he has OCD.  He has all his own stuff in his bedroom, uses plastic spoons, and paper plates.  Never had a girlfriend or sex.  Very mean to me and my husband who is on total disability, and can't get upset, my husband also has psoriasis 85% of his body, and of course stress plays a big part.  I as a mom don't know what to do, I work every day, and my son won't listen at all.  He doesn't shower or brush his teeth.  This

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    donotfearposted 7 years ago

    He's either spoiled rotten beyond belief, being enabled to behave this way, or he is severely mentally ill. 

    You can go to your county Justice of the Peace or judge & complete an application for emergency detention warrant to have law enforcement to take him to the local ER or mental hospital to be evaluated.  Then, once medically clear, a caseworker or crisis worker will be called to assess him & make a recommendation.

      I think he has both a behavioral problem AND a mental illness.   Made easier, no doubt, by allowing a grown man to continue to abuse his family & live rent free ( I assume he's not working).  You've got to lay down the law.  This grown kid is too young to be living at home with uncontrollable rages.  He probably has a mental disorder too, so it's double trouble.

    Stand up to the plate. Your lives depend on it.

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    Ingeniraposted 7 years ago

    Sorry to read that.  I hope you are getting the support from friends and family. Have you sought professional help ?

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    ninerposted 7 years ago

    Whether his actions are being caused by learned behavioral issues or a mental issue, your son is at the point of needing professional help. 

    Talk to him about seeing a counselor or psychiatrist, and if he goes into one of his rages call law enforcement. They can detain him safely and get him where he needs to be.  Allowing him to continue this cycle of behavior will only continue the downward spiral.

    I know how hard this must be as a parent, but just know that this is in your entire families best interest.  I'm sorry for your situation and good luck!

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    traffordposted 7 years ago

    Really its hurts me and feeling sad to read, but i guess this is all because he didn't get real attention from father and mother, didn't get love, he just grew up in tension or in wishes and thought, that actually made him like this with family or with outsiders.

    Sit with him, give him the love he deserve, the care he deserve, give him time, and every night share the things with him about the whole condition of your family home and all that, try to let him feel that you love him but you dnt have time because of too much work....give him some responsibilities....i hope he must will get well soon after getting attention.

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    DrMikeFitzpatrickposted 7 years ago

    to start your husband's skin condition usually is a toxic liver needing to be either cleansed or flushed. the psoriasis is a symptom of another problem-stupid doctors only treat symptoms, and by their license are not allowed to heal real problems. taking your son to a "professional" will be a diagnosis of "some condition" treated by drugs, which are NOT a solution, another band-aid masked as therapy.

    you likely know what your son needs/wants and are afraid to give it? even if i am wrong, all of life is recognizing what form everything exists in. it is all love, and seeing it is the trick. the universe is made from light, you and i, wood, metal, glass, cloth, human, all resonating at varying frequencies to give things the form that they posses. a single light wave is half positive and half negative. it is likely he sees events, people, feelings as ONE sided, and is repressing the other half. it is possible he does not feel loved by his dad, and is acting out-common for drug addicts and alcoholics, possible. you may try helping him with the sex part-take him to a place where he can get relief or experience?

    what is he expressing that you and your husband are repressing? all relationships work that way, to help us love the parts of ourselves we are currently disowning. what i found in my life to confront myself on things that were "not working". was to do the opposite of what i'd ever done prior. if you want something different in life, usually you must do something different. Dr. Mike