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What does spiced smell like?

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    tpalmer62posted 7 years ago

    What does spiced smell like?

    I suspect my son is smoking spice in my home.  I have frequently smelled a skunk type smell in his room on several occasions.

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    rororororposted 7 years ago

    well spice dosesnt have a particuler smell. He might be smoking marijuanna. marijuanna has a skunk type smell

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    advoc8posted 7 years ago

    Don't dismiss the skunk smell of some spice.  Some people do smell that skunk spice smell with some spice which comes in different incense aromas.  The spice my neighbor smokes smells like mint but has a pesky light skunk smell mixed in - gross, minty skunk spice.  Not everyone smells the skunk smell that others seem to smell.  It's just another nasty smell to me, and I've never liked any burnt incense, but theirs is worse. I've never smelled a skunk smell from marijuana.

    Here's what one site said about "how does spice smell":

    "The fake weed that teens are smoking smells like regular incense and comes in a variety of scents. Some blends are advertised as blueberry and smell a bit fruity. Others might have spearmint mixed in. Parents of teens should take note of any potpourri-like substance. A teenager who tells his parents, “I’m burning incense” may actually be “smoking incense”.

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    ryan-cdposted 12 months ago

    He's probably smoking weed, or skunk, not spice, spice doesn't have a skunk like smell so he's trying to make you look like a fool.