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how do you get a skunk smell out of a dogs fur coat??????????

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    bunnybun4407posted 7 years ago

    how do you get a skunk smell out of a dogs fur coat??????????

    my dog gets sprayed all the time and make it so it doesnt cost tons of money!!!!!!!

  2. Christene profile image71
    Christeneposted 7 years ago

    Give them a bath in tomato juice. They need to soak in it for a while.

  3. Pearldiver profile image81
    Pearldiverposted 7 years ago

    I asked this question recently and was surprised how some dog owners deal with the problem.
    For example: you are talking about the dog's Fur Coat getting sprayed... which wouldn't be such a problem if the dog was wearing a Rain Coat.
    Clearly your dog has no problem with the smell of a skunk if it continually gets sprayed.  You won't change the dog and I guess you won't be able to change its coat either, unless you remove the cause of the problem. Many dogs enjoy rolling in rotten or putrid smells.  If your dog is doing this then there is a chance that another dog is threatening it or bullying it in some way.  You will need to stand at a distance and observe what it does.
    Of course skunks only spray dogs etc. when they are attacked or feel threatened... it is a defensive reaction.  Perhaps you have taught the dog to do this and in reality the only answer is to Change that Behaviour.  Good Luck.

  4. nifty@50 profile image73
    nifty@50posted 7 years ago

    My mother in law tried a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and dawn liquid soap ( after receiving this tip) and was amazed at the result, it worked! She has chickens in Colorado and her dog is always getting sprayed by skunks. She has tried tomato juice to no avail and other remedies. Try the hydrogen peroxide & dawn and don't get it in the dog's eyes. Let me know how it did!

  5. Dorsi profile image92
    Dorsiposted 7 years ago

    The best recipe for removing skunk smell is here in my hub. It works very well and many people have used it with success.

    http://hubpages.com/hub/How-to-Get-Skun … f-Your-Dog

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    kimberluvsk9posted 6 years ago

    My discovery and cure for skunk odor