can press ups increase my barbell one rep max

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    steve ellwoodposted 7 years ago

    can press ups increase my barbell one rep max

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    chrisaltamiranoposted 7 years ago

    press ups/push ups, whatever you want to call them show your endurance strength. Just because you can do 100 straight press ups does not mean you can bench 25lbs over your body weight to increase your one rep max.

    Now any chest workout certainly helps your barbell one rep max, but give this a try.

    Next time you're doing a barbell press, get the part you hate the most.

    Start by doing 3-5 press ups to stretch the muscles. Then get a spot to do your one rep max. Like as hard as you can go. Get one to two reps in. Rest 30 seconds and drop the weights 10 pounds. Do 2-3 reps. Drop the weight 10 more pounds. Do 3-5 reps. and so on. The less weight you have the more reps you want to perform.

    Also have off days. This doesn't mean don't work your chest out. But take lighter approach but perform more reps. So if you usually do the standard three sets of 10. Do the same thing with lighter weights and do three sets of 15-20. Whatever your body can handle that day. Also make sure to have a good intake of protein to build mass, as well as creatine to build stronger muscles. Hope this helped!