Dear Sir, can you please tell me Broccoli can give any sexual benefits i want kn

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    shabbeer9posted 7 years ago

    Dear Sir,
    can you please tell me Broccoli can give any sexual benefits i want know please tell me ?

  2. Shahid Bukhari profile image61
    Shahid Bukhariposted 7 years ago

    I presume ... you are having some difficulties ...

    Read very carefully ... What I have written here, and you will be perfectly OK in about a month, perhaps earlier ... Trust me.

    "All Sex is basically, in your head ... I mean, you go through all your Sexual experiences ... or no experience ... either due some physical problem, such as disease, or, there is some confusion in your head about sex ... RELAX..

    Sexual arousal follows the following sequence ...

    1. When you are excited, by someone, or something ... it is absolutely normal.
    2. When you are not excited, by someone, or something ... you should normally be excited about ... it is "not" normal.
    3. Now if it is some physical ailment ... go see a doctor, and get the right kind of medicine, and cure the disease.
    4. But if you are healthy, and are missing out ... then it needs your personal attention ... you should ask yourself, "Why, am I not up to it ?" Because, a healthy person, has a healthy sex life. Get rid of the wrong Ideas, and concepts ... and you will start moving towards the required 'cure' ... meaning, get rid of a wrong Idea, and get back to a healthy, normal, life

    Broccoli, and other vegetables, also meats, and fishes, are good for your health ... particularly your digestive system. If you have good food, in your stomach, and you can digest it properly, you can live normal sex.

    Read again and again, what I have written ... and tell me in about a month of your success.