are there prescription topical (cream applied) muscle relanxants?

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    rackroydposted 7 years ago

    are there prescription topical (cream applied) muscle relanxants?

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    kortneypacposted 5 years ago

    Topical medications are an alternative to oral pain medications and have some beneficial effects, including the benefit of not having the systemic side effects of oral pain medications options.  However, research into the usefulness of topical medications is ongoing and is somewhat unimpressive.  Take a look at some common topical meds, their indications and how effective they are likely to be. read more

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    artist101posted 23 months ago

    Yes there is. They obviously require a prescription from your doctor.  They are produced in a compounding pharmacy. Many contain flexiril, and are affective. It is applied topically, directly where you hurt. There are also pain patches, that are applied topically, according to your doctors reccomendations.