What creams safe dealing with brown spots of the body?

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  1. nmrh profile image56
    nmrhposted 12 years ago

    What creams safe dealing with brown spots of the body?

  2. VocalJaz profile image60
    VocalJazposted 12 years ago

    Well I am not so sure about the safety of creams that are out in the stores today. I have eczema and I've always struggled with it throughout my life. I've spent hundreds of dollars trying out everything. Since I partnered up with a company that promotes optimal health...I've learned to read labels on everything. All the skin care products I purchased from stores have harsh chemicals and cancer causing agents. I thought I was doing good when really I was causing more harm by absorbing those creams into my skin and system. Fortunately, my company provides not only pharmaceutical grade supplements but also pharmaceutical grade skin care that have no harsh chemicals and only have nourishing vitamins in them such as vitamin E and even grape seed extract and more. Since I started to supplement and use the skin care line...I've seen major improvements in my overall health and skin. I am much more confident and much happier smile  You can check out the products on my website. I guarantee that you will love the skin care line! www.jasminbaguio.usana.com

  3. internett1t3 profile image60
    internett1t3posted 12 years ago

    Brown Spots on Body and Skin: Causes, Treatment for Brown Spot Removal

    A lot of remedies are available for brown spots. However, before you apply any of its known cures, it is highly important for you to know the brown spots causes, treatment, and removal methods.
    Causes of Brown Spots on Body

    There are several reasons why brown spots suddenly appear on your body. Some of the causes for the brown spots on the skin include:

        * Excessive and prolonged exposure to sunlight results to production of melanin making exposed body areas form flat patches and painless lesions.
          Most dark and brown spots appear on the neck and face as they are more exposed to sunlight.
        * Natural aging process. See also: Brown spots on stomach
        * Dark spots or liver spots, as others refer to them can also be a result of small lesions left after constant shaving on a specific area such as armpits, chin and mustache area.
        * Freckles
        * Physiological deficiencies

    Home Remedies and Natural Treatment for Brown Spots Removal

        * Get a piece of garlic and cut it into two. Pinch the garlic to allow its juice to ooze out and gently rub the juice to the darkened area. Garlic has anti-inflammatory and whitening components known to lighten dark and brown areas.
        * Mix a paste of tomato and fresh lime juice. Apply the solution to your freckled skin and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Apply the paste twice every day till the freckles lighten. See also laser treatment for brown spots
        * Avoid alcohol based shaving creams and lotions as this causes the darkening of small abrasions that are inevitably incurred during shaving. Prefer creams over lotions since creams contains less or no alcohol at all.
        * Vitamin E is known for its natural lightening properties and can effectively remove brown spots on the skin. Get a capsule of vitamin E and apply it on the affected skin area. You can also take the capsule orally.
        * Boil a few leaves of basil in water and you can add rose water in the solution. Let it cool down and apply the water on the darkened skin parts.

  4. 6hotfingers3 profile image61
    6hotfingers3posted 12 years ago

    Have you tried putting sunscreen lotion on those areas of the body that have the brown spots. Sun screen lotion protects the skin from the harsh damages caused by over exposure to the sun.  I put sunscreen lotion on my hands, arms and legs. The spots seem to lessen and disappear.


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