i cut my hand back in march of 2010 i got staph boy this hurts alot, i was told

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    smartmouth931posted 7 years ago

    i cut my hand back in march of 2010 i got staph boy this hurts alot, i was told not to  shave my...

    belly hair, because it could come back, boy was they right, i shaved and out pops blisters, red sore bumps that are really sore.  My mom says she thinks im the cleanest person she knows cause i wont leave the house not even if we are moving without taking a shower.  My question is why am i getting this.

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    heavenbound5511posted 7 years ago


    Here's what I found in search of trying to help you. Garlic seems to be very effective and most popular out of all I read but their are quite a few easy home treatments that hopefully you can find relief in and heal.

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    You can effectively treat boil or staph infection by the following natural remedies and cures:

        Warm compress is the best natural treatment for boil or staph infection. Heat helps in draining and healing the boils.
        Make a habit of cleaning, moisturizing and exfoliating your skin on a regular basis. This will prevent formation of boils if you are prone to it.
        Take showers to avoid any kind of infection that can be transferred when the boil you have is draining. Taking a shower will help you prevent spread of infection to other body parts.
        Soak bread in warm milk and apply it directly over the infected boil. This is a traditional cure for treating boil.
        You can even try compresses of raw onion, mashed garlic and heated tomato to get rid of the infected boils.

    I have hubs done with prayers for health, healing, spiritual attacks from evil spirits that can be very effective also in your recovery. Praying to God causes people to recover and heal too.
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