Is there a medical reason vitamin B-12 levels below 200 do not respond to oral s

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  1. Golfgal profile image82
    Golfgalposted 7 years ago

    Is there a medical reason vitamin B-12 levels below 200 do not respond to oral supplements

    if testing for intrinsic factor was normal and supplements are taken for months with little progress.  what would cause the body to do this?

  2. Hellcat profile image60
    Hellcatposted 7 years ago

    Hi there,
    Just wondering about a few things if I may -
    Are you vegan/vegetarian?
    Have you been tested for intrinsic factor binding and blocking antibodies? And parietal cell antibodies? Also folic acid?
    Folic acid and B12 function together synergistically in the body. 
    What type of B12 supplement is it? Sublingual? Have you tried injections?
    Sorry about all the questions, just want to be thorough in getting the information to gain a fuller picture so I can help you.
    I'm also curious about digestive function. Though you don't need to divulge here, unless you are comfortable, just observe how well you digest food, as your intestinal flora plays a vital role in B12 production and absorption, regardless of intrinsic factor levels. Overgrowth of yeast (candida, clostridia) will also affect levels of B12. The liver is also heavily involved in B12 production, so anything that effects the liver like smoking, alcohol, caffeine, medications etc can affect B12 levels. Medications like anti-epileptics, antibiotics, hormone therapy can reduce levels. 
    Hope this gives you some insight and if you can provide more information I would be happy to help further. Cheers, Helen smile

  3. Golfgal profile image82
    Golfgalposted 7 years ago


    Yes I was tested for intrinsic, normal.  I was also taking a regular vitamin supplement and eat veggies as well as meat everyday.  I have started to take another supplement with adrenal boosters, high in B vitamins and I do seem to have lots more energy now.  (within past two weeks)  I have taken injections in past year for several months and had a tremendous effect on energy and feeling good though since I have stopped the B12 is going down again.  I am having a liver MRI very soon to see if there is anything in the Liver affecting things.  Thanks for the all the questions, I have thought about all of these things....still looking for more answers.

  4. Tatjana-Mihaela profile image58
    Tatjana-Mihaelaposted 7 years ago

    Hm, for people who have really low B-12 levels, oral supplements most often do not work - but injections do.

    Usually people who use B complex vitamins do not refer too high levels of energy afterwords - they are commonly used for calming down and healing the nerves, so no outburts of energy can be expected.

    B12 if taken on it`s own in form of injections increases the level of oxygen in the blood and in the whole body and injections have far more higher doses of B12 then any supplement you might take orally. Oxygen in the blood is healthy, forcing adrenal glands to secrete more hormons is not wise thing to do, can make you even more exchausted.

  5. artist101 profile image67
    artist101posted 5 years ago

    All b vitamins work together in concert with each other, add to that a b-12. vitamin c will also help with uptake, injections are the best route of administration. Sublingual, and patches are also a way to administer b 12, as they bypass the liver, and are directly into the blood stream. Hard pressed pills, taken orally, have to be digested, and are diluted. Among the best are naturemade, and solaray, if the liver is not functioning correctly it will effect the way you utilize nutrients. Injectable may be the only route that you can utilize.
    Milk thistle in a liquid form, under the tongue, has been found to rejuvinate, and restore kidney and liver function. It would be advisable to have a check up, to rule out a physical cause to your ailment, I would want to know why I was anemic in the first place. By your picture you seem to be young, intrinsic factor is usually found in the elderly, either due to age, or their diet.
    Seek the advice of a physician before proceeding with any vitamin, or supplement protocol, as some supplements, such as amino acids, do put stress on the liver. Please proceed with caution.


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