Do you take cod liver oil? Has it helped you?

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  1. lizyetter profile image78
    lizyetterposted 11 years ago

    Do you take cod liver oil? Has it helped you?

    I just started taking cod liver oil on a daily basis, but it is too soon to notice the results. Have you taken it? What brand? Have you noticed any difference in your health?

  2. RichieMogwai profile image60
    RichieMogwaiposted 11 years ago

    Oh yes, I take cod liver oil. I have been taking it from childhood. My mom always made sure we have it every morning. She would pour it on a spoon and we the kids had to line up to take our respective turns. It tastes yucky. Always does. I guess that will never change. But I think it works since it is loaded with vitamin A and E.

  3. Healthyannie profile image83
    Healthyannieposted 11 years ago

    Cod liver is great for skin conditions such as acne. It is a good source of vitamin A. As with any supplement you should ask yourself why you should use the supplement. Cod liver oil for joint pain is not very effective.
    There are many brands on the market and you should take at least 1000 mg per day for two months to notice an effect.
    I am always interested to know why people take certain supplements.
    I am aware a lot of supplements are very "hyped" up and may not work.
    Also many people take a lot of different supplements often forgetting they all interact.

  4. nancynurse profile image68
    nancynurseposted 11 years ago

    I do although I have been out for a few weeks. I take it for my lupus. I started it because of  Dr Oz recommendation. I know it works with the other supplements I take. My Vtamin D levels don't seem to want to go up so hoping all this will work together … -to-Get-It

  5. DayLeeWriter profile image61
    DayLeeWriterposted 11 years ago

    While there are plenty of recent studies about the benefits of Omega 3 Fatty-Acids and fish oil supplements, cod liver oil has provided those same benefits long before official research studies were made. Cod liver oil has long been an ‘old time’ remedy that your grandmother and great grandmothers most likely kept on hand to treat a wide variety of ailments! Yes-I have taken cod liver oil in the past and it has not been a pleasant experience! The cod liver oil we were given as children was strong fishy oil (liquid) that had to be gagged down under protest. I for one am thankful for the fish oil capsules available as an alternative today!
    It usually takes a few weeks of consistently taking any supplement to tell a difference. Cod liver oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamins A & D and may help lower cholesterol, and lower your risk of high blood pressure or coronary disease though more research is still needed. Some experts voice concerns that cod liver oil may contain traces of toxins not found in other fish oil supplements. The liver is the processing center for ridding a body of toxic waste. The concern is that these toxins may remain in processed cod liver oil and cause problems in some individuals. Higher concentrations of fat-soluble vitamins are also found in cod-liver oil. While this can provide added benefits, there is a concern that fat-soluble vitamins could build to excessive levels leading to an overdose. For these reasons, some sources consider a fish oil capsule a better choice.
    Some brands of liquid cod liver oil on the market today attempt to mask the unpleasant taste with lemon flavoring. Nature Made and others also provide cod-liver oil in capsule form to avoid many of the taste drawbacks as well. I use Nature Made for most my supplement choices. I do find that fish oil supplements when taken consistently help improve my energy levels and all-round ‘focus’ for day-to-day tasks.

  6. profile image0
    Emily Sparksposted 11 years ago

    I heard it helps with migrains.........all the antioxidents

  7. artist101 profile image61
    artist101posted 11 years ago

    Cod Liver Oil was invented for rickets, when the first machines where invented. The reason? the skies where filed with so much pollution that it clouded out sunlight. They added vitamin D for that reason. If you take too much vitamin A, you can become toxic, thereby lessening the wanted effect of improving health. I take krill oil, in a liquid capsule form, contains all 3 omegas, and no fishy burps. Vitamin D3, in liquid capsule form 4000 IU daily. D3 is a form more easily assimilated by the body. The omegas have a possitive influence on cognetive health, circulation, cholesterol,moods, hormones, and the heart. D3 is a necessary nutrient involved in all aspects of health, including the muscles, nerves, and bones. Yes, I have seen a possitive aspect achieved from taking these nutrients. I sleep better, my muscles don't spasm as much, my bones are stronger, and the hot flashes have diminished, as well.


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