what does this weird dream mean?

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    Claudggposted 7 years ago

    what does this weird dream mean?

    I dreamt that giant smart sea creatures; a sea turtle, a fish and another animal were trying to abduct my son so that he can live with them in the ocean. my son was enjoying his swim in the ocean and i jumped in franctic trying to kept him away. so i reached him in the water  and I managed to catch him and we floated for a year safely in the ocean away from land. It was like a plot in which all things were aligning to have my son be part of this group... what does this mean?

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    Brave Open Mindsposted 7 years ago

    I think your best bet may be to look up the meanings of all of these things in a dream dictionary (link at bottom).

    you are the only one who really know what this dream means. The ocean, the sea creatures, they all represent something to your subconscious, you need to discover what they represent to you. there can be several different meanings for each part of the dream, but only you know which meaning is right. think about the things that are happening in you and your son's lives as you analyze your dream.

    hope this helps!