Dream Analysis: What Does my dream mean?

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    Directionerposted 5 years ago

    Dream Analysis: What Does my dream mean?

    So,my next dream was about me,my cousin and my sister were walkin down the street.dat street was full of water(dk why),my sis talked to strangers & when we walked down da street towards cousins home we heard music.We went there & in front of her house were boys,1D.I was with few girls,there wasnt too much of em.I came at the end & then boys said they got 3 tickets.Zayn asked "whats next saturday"i knew what it's but it didnt pop into my mind.But they gave em to me,my friend & 1 left.later,they were at my place.(cont)

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    ereekieposted 5 years ago

    ok - the fact that you were with family is a direct representation of your relationship with them. If you are close with those particular family members, then you feel safe in your life, if you are not not, then you feel insecure. That the street was flooded means you are worrying over a particular issue in your life, one which you hope will soon be swept away.
    the stranger means you a repressing something, possibly to do with the cousin who is talking to him. that you hear music is a good thing, it means you are on your way to healing from something that's recently been bothering you.
    that you knew what was next Saturday but couldn't think of it means you are anxious about something in your life.