What do you do to feel better when you have a cold?

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  1. toknowinfo profile image79
    toknowinfoposted 10 years ago

    What do you do to feel better when you have a cold?

  2. ncuxapa_ profile image60
    ncuxapa_posted 10 years ago

    First of all, avoid publicity and stay at home. You can handle the symptoms of a cold naturally- drink hot tea, hot chocolate.
    Also, if you are feverish, you need to start taking non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs. If you have fever for three consecutive days, visit your doctor because you might need to start antibiotics.  Check this out for more info : http://hubpages.com/hub/The-best-way-to-avert-cold

  3. Tammy Favata profile image72
    Tammy Favataposted 10 years ago

    If I am really congested I use the "Netty Pot, it cleans me out so then I don't get the inevitable sinus infection that follows  if everything festers in there too long. I am very prone to sinus infections, so I sort of freak out when I get a cold.  It takes a few times to do the Netty Pot right at first, but for me it has been a big help. Some people just hate it.  Its a matter of opinion I guess.

  4. lilibees profile image59
    lilibeesposted 10 years ago

    IU saty home in my most comfortably clothes, I get head colds badly everything from my nose to my eyes leak, leak is what I have dubbed what happens to my face. I drink plenty of tea and just relax, not much you can do aboutr a cold, just ride it out!

  5. Wayne Brown profile image83
    Wayne Brownposted 10 years ago

    Go to the store and buy a fresh pineapple. It is great for a sore throat and it will make you feel good quickly...eat the whole thing! WB

  6. FifthEdition profile image59
    FifthEditionposted 10 years ago

    funny you asked...my girlfriend just came down with a cold last night. Typically, I like to just alternate every 4 hours between Tylenol and the Gel Capsule Advil. Drink plenty of water and gatorade. Plus, chicken soup makes me feel like new...for a little while anyway.

  7. akuigla profile image61
    akuiglaposted 10 years ago

    Fluids,fluids a lot.
    Drink tea and vitamins.
    At least 1000mg of vit.C daily.

  8. arb profile image77
    arbposted 10 years ago

    I crawl in bed and whine like a baby. It usually gets me about 3 days worth of her attention, then she moves on to important things like the dishes or her nails.

  9. nifty@50 profile image68
    nifty@50posted 10 years ago

    Chicken noddle soup is great for a sore throat or to clear out your sinuses. A nighttime cough medicine will help you sleep. Take plenty of vitamin C or orange juice.

  10. Rastamermaid profile image64
    Rastamermaidposted 10 years ago

    Fluids,water,gatorade,tea and water lotsa water,flush it out!

    Plenty of rest,take a fever reducer or pain reliever if needed.

    If you can't sleep comfortably Nyquil can definitely do the trick.

    Of course vitamin C and your regular multivitamin.

    Good luck!

  11. theseus profile image80
    theseusposted 10 years ago

    If it's possible, I rest. I also drink lukewarm lemonade.

  12. itsameanoldscene profile image59
    itsameanoldsceneposted 10 years ago

    we have a drink called a 'hot toddy' which can we a variation of concoctions, mine being in a large glass;-

    shot of whisky then filled with boiling water, add sugar or honey, a slice of lemon, cloves & let in stand for about 5 mins then drink whilst nice & hot......ideal just before you retire to bed.


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