I dreamt I was attending a catholic girls school and Mary Magdalene appeared and

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    beller5posted 7 years ago

    I dreamt I was attending a catholic girls school and Mary Magdalene appeared and to bless each girl.

    When it was my turn she reached out to me and pulled away right before touching my head. My uniform turned completly black and she turned away whispered something to the teacher (a nun) who told me I dnt get to be blessed because I am not Gods child or one of Gods children when she said this I was sitting on the classroom floor and everyone backed away from me and whispered to eachother about me.As Mary Magdalene was leaving the room she was blowing kisses to everyone except me then a dog ran

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    Sue B.posted 7 years ago

    I had to answer this one because it is such a sad dream! I am so sorry you experienced this.
    I am hoping you are following the answers to your question because I would love to hear more about where this dream is coming from.
    I am going to assume you are a catholic woman.  This dream really shows a lot of guilt, feelings of rejection, feelings of not being good enough, the belief that you are "damaged goods", and feelings of shame.  If you are dreaming this, you are probably feeling these feelings in your waking life.
    Have you recently felt you do not connect to the catholic religion anymore and are leaving it or not as committed?  This may be bringing up feelings of guilt associated with your change of heart.
    If you are catholic and want to continue to connect with the religion, I suggest you speak with a priest about this dream.  It may help you get feedback that this is not your religion's message.
    The dog running at the end most probably represents your sense of self.  A part of you is escaping from this type of experience.
    How much of this dream has truly happened to you? Have you been ridiculed by others? Bullied? Treated like an outcast and not good enough within a certain group?
    I think it is important to remember that dreams are not only reflecting what we are experiencing but are also reflecting how we are treating ourselves.  This dream may be attempting to get your attention and get you to notice that treating yourself as if you are evil, not worthy or good things, wrong or bad is harmful to you.