I am a male 35 years old .frequent urination 8 to 10 times and cannot hold.

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    shunamposted 6 years ago

    I am a male 35 years old .frequent urination 8 to 10 times and cannot hold.

    Last six/seven years I have this problem. I  did some test like urine RME, ultra sonography (Kidney urine and bladder) and blood test. in usg test it was found that after urination my bladder is not full empty. thats the only problem was found. I had talked with a physician. he gave me some antibiotic tablet(cyprocin) and some anxiety/ stress relax tablet. but problem is not cured.  and at present during this summer time need to do urinate 8 to 10 times. 
    ***My main problem is I cannot hold when I need to urinate.

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    days leaperposted 6 years ago

    consider your diet.
    Try drinking less.  You only need 2Litres of water per day.  And that's a liberal estimate (medical).
    Remember less in, less out.

    My own trouble is I can't urinate enough, perhaps you will share your diet with me?

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    lotuslove19posted 6 years ago

    shunam,try this remedy soak methi seeds (fenugreek seed) 2 tsp and drink the water in the morning  and get gokhshura and have it one tsp morning and evening ,this will realy help you and reduce your water intake ,if you can do kapalbhati you should do it 15 mins everyday.