Does anyone have allergies to alcohol, such as wine or mixed drinks? What can y

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    sholland10posted 6 years ago

    Does anyone have allergies to alcohol, such as wine or mixed drinks?  What can you do for them?

    Recently I noticed that I was having problems breathing when I had a glass of wine or a mixed drink.  My doctor said I had an allergic reaction to alcohol.  I already have seasonal allergies, so she put me on an inhaler to be used every day and said that should work for the occasional drink.  It doesn't...

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    swb64posted 6 years ago


    Well having an allergy to alcohol would be some 'ok' excuse to stop...  First of all - I'm not a medic but plenty of experience over this last year on breathing and stuff etc.  breathing allergies usually mean a closing of the airways, inhalers usually try clear the lungs - forgive my un-technical terms but they dont cover the same problem but can be helpful in parellel trying to treat a breathing problem.

    I have recently been diagnosed with Sarcoidosis, most folks from all walks - inc the medics - usually say dont drink, dont do this too much, dont do that too much...  Do as you feel but make notes.

    Keep good within you.


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    artist101posted 5 years ago

    You can become allergic to anything at any time in your life. There are a few variations on this answer.
    1. Wine, as well as mixed drinks, contain a substance known as sulfates, a very common allergen, causing asthma. If you notice the same reaction with other foods containing sulfates. Then that is whats causing the problem. I would think avoidance would be the best recommendation. Inhalers do not make it go away, it only lessens the response. A food diary is very helpful.
    2. It has been noted that many people with candidiasis have a reaction to wine, and alcohol. Simply because it is fermented, and basically a fungus. Your reaction may be fungus related. As well as asthma suffers also have a digestive, nutritional, or infection issue, as well as an over reactive immune system. The immune system sees the allergan as an offender, and reacts with histamine. In this scenario, I recommend QBC, and beta glucan. QBC, is an anti histamine, as well as aiding in digestion, and beta glucans calm the immune system.
    Nutritional supplements. vitamin B and magnesium.
    For Fungus, probiotics.
    3. An immunoligist is also an option. To verify your allergens, and to treat according to your needs. … or-allergy