Could you please tell me in which form should I take pottassium daily, and in wh

  1. profile image44
    riya55posted 7 years ago

    Could you please tell me in which form should I take pottassium daily, and in what quantity.

    Also if there are any side effects if consumed daily..i am an HH sufferer myself and would be extremely grateful if you would send me a reply..also do you think iontophoresis would be a good option..

  2. krisingreen profile image61
    krisingreenposted 7 years ago

    Potassium from your diet should do. Eat lots of fruits especially yellow ones like bananas, mangoes..etc. Potassium can be found from different sources and it's rare to have hyperkalemia through diet anyway, so I think it's good.
    You can eat a selection of food daily to help you get the potassium you need.

    sweaty palms and feet can actually be cured naturally without using iontphoresis because it's only a temporary relief anyway. You can manage sweaty palms and feet through washing your hands after 15 minutes of typing, writing..etc. Refrain from ironing clothes when your hands are tired or when your whole body is tired. If you just finished exercising, do not immediately hit the showers, rest until your body cools down and them take a bath.

    You can also boil an herbal medicine called vitex negundo orthe five leaved chaste tree. it's an herb that's really good for the skin especially for excessive sweating. Boil this and let it cool down then use it to wash your entire body without soap before you go to bed.

    i hope this helps

  3. mel22 profile image57
    mel22posted 7 years ago

    wow.. i guess i've been away from this site for awhile and over at triond last few months... to answer your question without adding any advice that shouldn't be taken as professional... i have talked to a few dieticians who do not advise the potassium phosphate form because its harsh on the kidneys, yet ive tried it and had no problems.. but i must maintain i only try to take a small amount at a time due to the ability to suddenly dehydrate when in normal atmosphere... in other words if humidity is low for the day less potassium is needed... i use pill form in morning only and use drinks containing potassium throughout the day to keep replenished(especially after going to bathroom to keep excess water moving through system. .. i am convinced hh is caused by excessive testosterone or/ estrogen buildup which maintains excess (too much) sodium that isnt needed ...that sodium in turn holds excess water in the system and is why potassium is needed to combat excess sodium retention beyond normal sodium retention...(looking below i see krisingreen says one thing that is a must... yellow fruits... they are the best natural potassium sources... personally the washing hands does not work effectively or i'd be running to wash hands every five minutes.. no joking mine was really bad at one time until i found better methods... as far ionto phoresis i cannot say as i have not tried it... i ponly beleive in natural cures.. for me it was a total life and diet change... most fast foods contain preservatives such as sodium nitrates so even when not expecting so you can suddenly hit quick with an onset.. eliminate all fast foods and even preserved meats such as lunch meat.. go straight for the butcher (most  markets have them) and get fresh... unless your a vegan of course... one diet change i could not eliminate  was abstinence of cow hide... lol


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