How to treat my skin condition

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    bessopposted 6 years ago

    How to treat my skin condition


    Your article on pigmentation has really stimulated my interest in home remedies. In the last few months my skin has really taken for the worst. I have a small white spot on my forehead (similar to a vitaligo spot). I also have a dark patch on my forehead and a few rings of dry patches which are flakey. I have been to many dermatologists in the past and I find them of no help. I humbly request your advice

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    lotuslove19posted 6 years ago

    Thanks for showing faith in my remedies .The condition you are defining could be taken care with alum crystal wet the crystal and rub it on your face specially at places that are flaky,rub castor oil mixed with coconut oil on your face 2 times a day .wash your face with milk face wash and apply aloe Vera get and let it air dry ,it would really take care of your problem .The other problem is the white patch you said burn garlic cloves in mustard oil and apply that oil on the patch ,it will not spread .Do prayanam everyday to inhale more oxygen .