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As we know smoking is bad for health.so why we can not left these bad habit?

  1. palash mazumdar profile image34
    palash mazumdarposted 6 years ago

    As we know smoking is bad for health.so why we can not left these bad habit?


  2. alphagirl profile image80
    alphagirlposted 6 years ago

    Some ideas that affect why we can't quit:

    1.Some actually like the taste after a cup of coffee or a cocktail
    2. Some have Addictive personalities
    3.The chemical in the cigarette causes the person to go through withdrawal, thus requiring a smoke, per say
    4.Habits are hard to break
    5. The chemical helps those who require pacifying to satisfy that need
    6. It is clearly a choice. Everyone knows it causes cancer, more health issues.

    Hence anyone who smokes should pay a much higher premium for health insurance. I do not see the need to support a choice of cancer of death.

  3. tngolfplayer profile image71
    tngolfplayerposted 6 years ago

    It takes two weeks typically to break a habit and create a new one.  During those two weeks of stopping, the chemicals in the cigarettes are trying to leave the body and can create short term problems that the stopper thinks is worse then smoking.  Also, for some people it is how they deal with stress, plus the ever reliable "I won't get cancer it happens to other people" syndrome.

  4. Gayatrimadhu profile image53
    Gayatrimadhuposted 6 years ago

    The answer to this question is nicotine, the drug found in tobacco. The body becomes physically and mentally dependent on nicotine.to quit smoking, one must overcome this. It depends on the persons will power, whether he can overcome this or not.

  5. Shahid Bukhari profile image61
    Shahid Bukhariposted 6 years ago

    I will answer your question ... when you realize, that "drinking" is a far more destructive thing, than smoking.


  6. WendySingh profile image64
    WendySinghposted 6 years ago

    My hubby is a smoker...he has since he was 15 and he really doesn't want to quit. he enjoys it and, being the logical guy he is, states that more people die because of stress related diseases (i.e. heart attack, high cholesterol/heart disease, etc.) and smoking relieves his stress.  I'm not going to fight him on it. 

    I also heard that smoking helps with digestion...not sure if this is 100% true, but many smokers I know really enjoy a smoke before they go to the bathroom...perhaps it has a similar effect as coffee?

  7. dabneylewis profile image59
    dabneylewisposted 6 years ago

    All credit goes to nicotine which makes the human body addicted to it smile

  8. profile image0
    jasper420posted 6 years ago

    smoking is a very powerfull adiction unlike drugs it is legal and easy to get.