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Is there any advice you can give to a person who knows they are losing their mem

  1. shamani67 profile image60
    shamani67posted 6 years ago

    Is there any advice you can give to a person who knows they are losing their memory?

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    daniellehorganposted 6 years ago

    This is really sad sad I would try to get that person to keep a diary of what they can remember from their past and what they are doing in the present. That way, they can read it for themselves, and their friends and family can read it too.

  3. shamani67 profile image60
    shamani67posted 6 years ago

    Thanks Danielehorgan, That makes great sense. Will definitely take that on board. Cheers

  4. wilbury4 profile image77
    wilbury4posted 6 years ago

    Have a good look through your finances, sign POA over to your partner or children or whoever, once a person gets too deeply into Dementia or Alzheimer's disease, accessing their finances can prove very difficult. Sort out your Will and last wishes before it becomes too late to do so. Speak to family and friends etc, tell them things today that you may not remember tomorrow. Basically, sort your foreseeable future out now!

  5. James Halpin profile image71
    James Halpinposted 6 years ago

    Make sure all your finances are in order and assign someone to be able to make decisions for you if the need arises.  Also start writing everything you remember down.

  6. jtyler profile image60
    jtylerposted 6 years ago

    Tell the person he should definitely keep a journal of some sort, something that he can have with him at work, home, and in the car.  Tell him to write down any important events as they are happening.  Write everything down.

    Tell the person to keep a to-do list of sorts.  Every day, the person can check to make sure he's done everything.  Also, he can write down what he needs to do as he becomes aware of its need to be done.

    Tell the person to leave sticky notes places.  If he's almost out of milk, he would attach a sticky to his coat or something.  That way, when he goes out the door, he will be reminded.

    These can be difficult to start because it involves remembering, but they should be helpful once adopted.