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My mother ins law has a lot of chest pain, headache and feel really tired what c

  1. cmontijo profile image59
    cmontijoposted 6 years ago

    My mother ins law has a lot of chest pain, headache and feel really tired what could it be?

  2. homesteadbound profile image88
    homesteadboundposted 6 years ago

    Only a doctor can answer that question. It sounds serious enough that she should go to the doctor. Some things can be taken care of if they are caught early enough. Otherwise they can cause more serious and permanent damage. I recommend that she see a doctor immediately.

  3. How To Hub profile image61
    How To Hubposted 6 years ago

    With chest pain she needs to get to the hospital fast as I would hate her to have a heart attack while you wait for answers from people who  don't know .

  4. Jlbowden profile image90
    Jlbowdenposted 6 years ago

    homestead is correct in answering this question. Unfortunately most of us our not MD's even though we may know a good deal about medicine and health issues. Without hesitation do get your mother-in law to the nearest hosptial ER asap. Also consult her doctor immediately to let them know of the current situation. Do not want to frighten anyone here, but I do not like the sound of this. You will both feel better in the end and I am sure you will be thanked, by more than your mother in law. Good luck to all of you!


  5. BizGenGirl profile image89
    BizGenGirlposted 6 years ago

    It sounds to me like she is Dehydrated. Chest pain, headache and fatigue are all signs of dehydration, which can lead to a myriad of other problems. I agree with the others that she should see a medical professional. Though if you cannot see one soon, if she doesn't want to go to the ER or none of you trust the medical system (I don't blame ya), then start hydrating her now.

    It could also be the beginning symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. What you need to watch for with a heart attack, is pressure building on her chest. It will start to feel like a horse is sitting on her chest, and like she can't breath. Also, most arm pain that is associated with heart attacks, is in the left arm. With a stroke, you'll want to watch for confusion, slurring her words or droopy facial features. If you sense any of these things, it's time to call the ambulance or get to the nearest hospital ASAP.

    The truth though, is that most people who think they are having a heart attack or stroke, aren't. Try getting her to drink A LOT of water, and peeing a lot. If her pee is anything other than clear (like water), then she is dehydrated. Also, depending on her age, it could be part of menopause.

    These are just some ideas. I hope she feels better!

  6. wychic profile image89
    wychicposted 6 years ago

    That set of symptoms can be anything from anxiety to major organ dysfunction. It is imperative to get her to the doctor as quickly as possible -- generally, when the symptoms indicate something serious (which is fairly frequently) it progresses quickly and needs intervention as early as possible.

  7. cmontijo profile image59
    cmontijoposted 6 years ago

    She is ok now. She have stomach problems.