Why are thoughts very vibrant and scary in the night?

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  1. mathira profile image85
    mathiraposted 7 years ago

    Why are thoughts very vibrant and scary in the night?

    Your fear or your apprehension feels monumental during night and you are afraid that you will drown in your problems. But when the day dawns, the fear which looked so menacing in the night does not seem that much frightening.

  2. profile image0
    Emily Sparksposted 7 years ago

    I would say it is because at night our minds are usually tired and we are worn out, therefore we start imagining things and dwelling on things more.  In the morning, after we are refreshed, things take on a new light.

  3. Dday50627 profile image74
    Dday50627posted 7 years ago

    This questions goes side by side with why the E.R. is swamped with people that perhaps could have been or should have been seen during the day in a doctors office. As night falls, there is a sense of aloneness that comes to us that creates anxieties not felt in the daylight hours. We often find ourselves feeling as if we have been cut off from the world and our minds begin to wander. It is fact that we fear things in the night that do not cause us any issues when we can see everything around us. The world is awake and moving and the fear of not being able to reach someone because of the night time isn't a factor.
    When night time comes to us, we also face quieter times. The family and those we know and speak to in the day are sleeping soundly. With the silence comes idle time that allows our thoughts and imaginations to run free. We think deeper and because our minds are not filled with the business that we have during day light hours, we tend to think about things we did not have time to ponder while the rest of the world was awake.
    Night-time, from the time we are tiny tots, is a scarey time because we feel alone. As we grow, we learn to control some of those emotions but even as adults, darkness brings with it an insecurity that effects everyone from time to time. Things not seen, whether they are real or simply our over active minds teasing us, are still fearful for us, even as adults. Darkness has been used as a torture for thousands of years because the mind goes to places in the dark that it does not as long as we can see what is around us.

  4. kimh039 profile image88
    kimh039posted 7 years ago

    I don't experience that.  I only think about problems when I am working on solving them.  Since problems can't usually be solved during the night, I use night time as a break from problems.  Then when I face them in the day, I am refreshed. 

    I don't like scary movies - never have.  I don't understand the appeal of scary movies or why people like them.  I find myself wondering if that's related and if you like scary movies.  Maybe by working through your fears at night, you are able to make better decisions in the daylight.  Maybe that's why they're not so frightening in the day.

    Anyway, an interesting question mathira.  I'll be interested in how others respond.

  5. thumbi7 profile image62
    thumbi7posted 7 years ago

    During the day if we work hard, we will get a good night's sleep unless we have health problems. Also it is best to avoid watching horror movies and stuff like that. If you can take time out for yourself, sitting quiet for sometime doing some prayers or mantra will help to calm the mind.

  6. Richard Sirota profile image60
    Richard Sirotaposted 7 years ago

    It is my belief that, left alone in the dark with your thoughts alone, they will rise to a menacing proportion because they are all you can see or hear. The darkness has a way of focusing your mind on one thing or perhaps two and not much else. I have been victimized by this phenomenon myself and have learned to slowly turn my mind off by staring at a pattern in the darkness if I can find one. When the dawn breaks and you wake up you have more to look at and focus upon. Everything then takes its rightful proportion in your mind's great scheme of things.

  7. algarveview profile image86
    algarveviewposted 7 years ago

    That actually happens to me a lot, probably because I have sleep problems. I think that it happens because during the night you get a bit lost in your own head, you are "alone", can't discuss whatever is going on in your mind with anybody else, everybody is asleep and you have no distractions, nothing to do, to get you out of that vicious cycle of all the problems that come to your mind. During the day I work a lot, I also have three year old twins and all the house work to do, but still at night, lots of times, I just can't fall asleep, so the dark and the being alone feeling, I explained before, and perhaps the tiredness, just enhance everything.


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