Why do some people who cure their addiction relapse even worse the second time?

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  1. mintinfo profile image73
    mintinfoposted 6 years ago

    Why do some people who cure their addiction relapse even worse the second time?

    Did those people not use the proper method. Did they use a drug intervention over mind power or vise-verse? Or does it not make a difference?

  2. H.C Porter profile image78
    H.C Porterposted 6 years ago

    No one is ever cured from their addiction, it is apart of who you are and whether you are sober for a day-month-year-10 years...you are still an addict, you are just in remission from the addiction.
    I also do not think that there is a right or a wrong way to become sober- no matter how you do it, it only matters that you did it (but you must do it for you, and even then-you are still in for the fight of your life).
    I have always thought of addiction/ being sober as a war within yourself. Every day is a battle- every day is a temptation. Something good happens-YAY, lets party! Something bad happens-let's part to ease the pain. Nothing happens- let's party to fight having nothing else going on. Some days are easier than others, but the thought and the constant fight are always there. Relapsing back into addiction happens...and it happens often. No one is immune to relapse, no matter how you became sober. You become free of the addiction and are "cured" when you are dead.
    Every addict knows that becoming sober is only about 25% of the battle- staying there is the other 75%... the best advice I can give someone who wants to support a friend or family members choice to be sober is, be supportive- do not judge, and keep the communication open. Isolation is destitution that is almost guaranteed to point towards relapse. It is important that the addict forgive themselves and understand their addiction and their thoughts and their triggers. They also need their support system to share things with and understand that the addiction is not who they are, put rather a part of who they are. This helps one to stay sober- regardless of how it is they got their.

  3. Sue B. profile image92
    Sue B.posted 6 years ago

    A discussion of addiction from the perspective of a disease versus behavior model.  This also includes information on AA, NA, alternatives to 12-step approaches, substance abuse treatment, the levels of care related to drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and the complex factors associated with addiction as a whole for an individual. read more

  4. teacherjoe52 profile image70
    teacherjoe52posted 6 years ago

    Bravo H.C Porter.

    FYI Acording to the American Medical Association, I think it revised in the 1980s, the definition of alcoholism 1 it is inherited. My dad and aunt were boozers and both dad and moms parents were as well.
    2 It is a disease just like cancer
    3 there is no cure.
    For me I eat a lot of green vegetables like kale,spinach and bok choy. It has helped tremendously. BUT, I know with me there is no such thing as a social drink. Okay maybe you can go out and have one or two with friends today and not get drunk.Next week however you can have one drink and end up on a two or three day bend.
    As well I was a volunteer in a soup kitchen and speak from experiance when I say with in three months of getting out of detox the addicts were right back at it again
    .A sobering up drunk told me something I pray I will never forget. Don't forget, we're all one step from the gutter.
    One addiction therapist shared with how some of his long term patients were sober for over twenty years, then they just nose dived right back in the bottle.
    One of the founders of AAA was found dead in a back alley. He died of his own vomit after falling off the wagon and getting severly drunk. He passed out and died in his own vomit.
    My saving grace is being a Christian and knowing that when I repent Jesus will forgive me and He ALWAYS loves me


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