Should hospitals have metal detectors?

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    aDayInMyLife1posted 6 years ago

    Should hospitals have metal detectors?

    Hospitals are pubic areas with high traffic. It is common to find dangerous individuals, not necessarily in the right state of mind, in hospitals. People needing medical attention under the influence of drugs or alcohol, after fights, or during psychotic breaks... Mixed in with our parents and grandparents with chronic illness, our wives and daughters birthing babies, and our sick or injured children; not to mention the innocent workers trying to help and save lives. Does this seem safe? Should hospitals have metal detectors?

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    onegoodwomanposted 6 years ago

    Are they "public"?

    If you enter a county hospital, don't you need to be a resident of the county?

    Maybe, there are "private" hospitals, and there are hospitals that serve within certain jursidicitions................county, city, Jewish, Baptist, or Catholic.

    Yes, anyone should be able to get medical attention, anywhere, yes, I agree.

    But, just by serving the " public", are you a public entity?

    MacDonalds, serves the " public", but they are not a public company........neither is the world's largest retailer, or the 2 or 3rd.

    All State Insurance, serves the " public", but they are not owned by us.........they are a private entity.................until only 2-3 days ago, so was FaceBook!

    Should they have " metal detectors"?....................My Pen and Shaffer ball point pen, has a degree of " metal" does my house key, car key, or the zipper on my purse.

    Please, stop being afraid of every single little thing.................

    Even table salt, when thrown into the eyes, can be a weapon.

      The psycotics and drug overdosed, are not sent to the maternity ward!  Not to mention, that very few are overdosed on metal..........

    Be aware, but do not, be afraid.   

    That is the best that I can advise you.