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How do you handle a child that has asperger's syndrome?

  1. yankeeintexas profile image61
    yankeeintexasposted 6 years ago

    How do you handle a child that has asperger's syndrome?

  2. Anne Pettit profile image72
    Anne Pettitposted 6 years ago

    My son has aspergers syndrome.  I have written several hubs about him, and other issues.  In the hubs, he is called "Daniel."  Your question is too broad to answer simply.  All children are different, and all children with Aspergers are different.  I would enjoy a conversation with you.

  3. ananceleste profile image73
    anancelesteposted 6 years ago

    Anne Pettit is right, this is a very delicate matter that can't be disscused like this.
    But in my experience you have to start with a lot of love.

  4. Gregoryy profile image60
    Gregoryyposted 5 years ago

    I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome (High Functioning  Autism) in middle school,

    I had to go to Childrens Hospital, where a  Neurologist took an MRI of my brain, took blood tests, did spatial testing, motor skills testing, and  numerous  other tests. He also asked questions on my personality/behavior, my parents personality/behaior, and fammily history. 

    The symtoms of Aspergers Synrome may vary. A person with Aspergers Syndrome can learn social skills, and how to read facial expressions. As  another person would learn a foregihn langauge, By research, observation, and practicing.

    To hande a child with Aspergers Syndrome place extra emphsis on teaching him social skills, and how to interact with people and the world in general. Put your child in team sports to learn how to interact with others.   Boyscouts is  a great place for people with Aspergers to learn leadership, and how to deal with people. Watch movies and T.V shows with the child, and point out and even have conversations on peoples gestures, and social skills. Place emphasis on the importance of manners, and dealing with people.

    The child should be allowed to get any job, or be in any activity he wants to as he gets older. Aspergers should not limit him. However make sure this child knows that he will need to be honest , and share that he has Aspergers Syndrome with his employers, and/or clients/ customers. Many companies recive benifits for letteting  someone work with a disability. Even for the Air Force, they let me go through recrutiing, as I had a waiver from a doctor, and my ASVAB/AFQT scores were better than most people, and I met the other qualifications. Aspergers should not prevent him from being sucsesful.